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  1. Hello. I am going to go out on a limb here because I am desperate! You are a modder so I going to assume you know the ins and outs. I hope you know about Sims 3. I have downloaded premium content from the sims3 store. All the sudden content that has been in my game for years disappears. it's only objects, lots and worlds are fine. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and even extracted the content and converted it into packages to put in my mods folder to try and by pass the launcher and it just doesn't work. I can still play the game but all the objects I paid for I can no longer use because they just won't stay in the game! I have googled the issue and tried what they said. I even had a live chat with ea and they were not understanding! If you don't know can you direct me to someone who might? :(

    1. coolspear


      It was only very recently I reinstalled TS3 and downloaded all Store stuff again. Just when TS4 got toddlers! Though that was only coincidence. I noticed the launcher was different from I remember three years ago. The 1.69 patch put all the EPs and SPs for the game in a new place in launcher where you have to tick to make sure they all load, or un-tick because all of them together will overburden your game. (If Maxis just made TS3 64bit they wouldn't have to do these silly things. This procedure is them openly admitting they designed the game too weak to take all the EPs and SPs they continually sold us.)

      Not only that, but I never used Origin originally for TS3, but obviously using it now to download all my old TS3. What I found out, that was really blooming annoying, is that every other time, all the EPs and SPs were automatically un-ticked and if I load the game all I got was base game and nothing else. Is this the same thing you are mentioning?

      Did you install TS3 by discs, or digital downloads from Origin? If it's digital downloads then always start with Origin first. If I click on the launcher first before opening Origin, that's when all the EPs and SPs get un-ticked and I just want to start shouting and swearing.

      Open Origin first, start play via Origin. This will then start the launcher running. After launcher opens, get into habit of checking everything is still ticked in launcher, then press play in launcher. That's what I have been doing lately and so far so good, it doesn't automatically un-tick anything.


      Is any of this the same problem you are having?