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  1. Welp, finally got the TS4 Jungle Adventure pack for Christmas. See you in Selvadorada!

    1. RavenKay


      congrats and have fun.

      just be sure to stock up on supplies before heading into the jungleĀ :hehhehheh:

    2. SassmasterMaxie


      I should remember that XD

    3. brigitte


      Good luck, Master! :claphigh:

      I bought the pack mainly for the nice objects and build objects, but the jungle in itself was quite interesting for some time. I hope you survive in there and that you will enjoy everything that came with the pack (excluding bugs). - Speaking of bugs: That's what I hate most in Selvadorada: Having the same BUGS as in the camping pack (eh, what's it's name in English? Outdoor Retreat?). I'd like to put just normal lots for living etc. there, but the bugs (mosquitos) are buggin' me.

      However: I like the pack and all the objects and the atmosphere (minus bugs in every way). Have fun! :celebrate: