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  • Today's Birthdays

    1. Gilles
      (29 years old)
    2. tontrin
      (55 years old)
    3. xxGuitarChickxx
      (27 years old)
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    • Sindocat

      Momentarily distracted from my sims by The Sandman, on Netflix. Gaiman has been very, very vocal in defending this adaptation, and I can see why. Where departures have been made from the plotting of the graphic novels, it has so far only been to tighten and enhance narrative continuity. The casting is brilliant.  Everyone is bringing their A-game! 

      My Sims take-away? I really need to take another run at a Jacobethan manor house for HoB. 

      Will I be back on with Jaime & Johan, soon, though? You betcha.

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    • Sindocat

      Like what I share here? Follow me on Twitter, Sindocat (he/him) @Uluain 😉

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    • ClearaMorph  »  coolspear

      Happy Birthday!  Love your mods.  
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    • RedMallie

      Hope our inmates in Sydney and NSW are safe.
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    • Nellas

      *Ducks in and waxes the floor and slides back out*
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    • Katelinjens

      Finally coming by to say hi and let you all know I have not been doing much for quite awhile.  I think about everyone often though and hope you are all doing OK! 😊
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    • Mendota  »  coolspear

      Coolspear. You are back!!! Well, this is really a happy day. I never stopped using your mods and being thankful for all you gave. Your storage mods are still the best. 
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    • Kimi

      I was without home internet since Saturday. I'll get the birthday threads caught up now. 🙂
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    • SassmasterMaxie

      I liiiive 😄
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    • Firestaar1

      *steals few minutes from RL, pokes head in, waves..tackled by RL again x)*
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