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  1. where is your storage box mod at? could you link it?

  2. I just need you to know that I really appreciate your mods for the doctor career!! Its my favorite active career but needed much improvement and you really did amazing work on this! Thanks so much, coolspear!

    1. caligurl4evr


      @selinakey Is it still working up to the High School pack? I am getting it to try out, as I had thought long ago it broke. And it would be great to know it works. I LOVE this mod. 

    2. coolspear


      I'm not yet sure if it still works with most recent patches. I haven't quite got round to looking into them. But seeing I'm currently messing with the High School career, students, teachers and venue in the same way as those older career mods, I'm sure it won't be long now before I do examine how they are. I'm actually itching to get my scientist back to the labs, it's been nearly two years since I played those careers. So yeah, soon I'll give them a checkup when the Teen High School is finally fit for purpose and nothing like the crappy Maxis default version.

    3. caligurl4evr


      @coolspear Nice! Thank you. I think I am going to try it, after I have tested with the mods I already have in a bit more. They really did a number on this game in the last several packs and patches. And I work full time, so don't have a ton of time to play and test, lol. I will try to remember to let you know how its working.I am in menopause, so the memory is wonky these days. So happy you are modding again, its great to have you back! I am only sorry it took me so look to look you up again. I was only going through all the folders of mods to be tested on my desktop and saw the cool1_coolspear folder, and here I am. 

  3. Happy Birthday!  Love your mods.  

  4. Coolspear. You are back!!! Well, this is really a happy day. I never stopped using your mods and being thankful for all you gave. Your storage mods are still the best. 

  5. Out of Curiosity do you have interest in making a mod, essentially working like your Harvestable "suck them up Harvest". Add an interaction with Spectors (from the Paranormal Stuffpack) that enables you to Suck them up sims 3 style and possibly add a Spector Jar (A reword item you can sell for Money and fame, think Ghost loot) in your inventory (the type of Spector Determines the type of Spector Jar). Would you be interested in something like this?

  6. Thanks you, Coolspear for caming back to modding. Happy Dance. Your mods are so good. Thank you. Thank you

  7. Hey @coolspear I'm wondering if we can have your permission to post updated mods in your section as a fan-based community to keep some of the popular mods updated? I checked one that I use all the time, and it seems EA did a lot of code cleaning which screwed up almost everyone's work. I use your writing mod that broke with the recent patch. So I made a small update for my own use. When I came here, I see a lot of comments asking when the mods will be updated. I thought "Gee. Cool made a big announcement about retiring from modding. People still want them anyway." I would like to know if it is ok for me to upload a fixed version for your writing mod. No guarantee about the others. I just figure it would be a small contribution as a form of thanks for your years of modding and guidance.

    1. coolspear


      Yeah, if you feel up to it. Menanceman has already done exactly that. He updated the Voidcritter mod and, rather than post it on MTS with all his other mods, he uploaded the 1.63 update in the mod thread here. So great, if you want to do same with a few mods. Kimi says it's fine, as long as I agree. So please, by all means, fix up whatever you feel. It's all good. Thanks, Chaavik. 

    2. Chaavik


      Thanks. Sending you a virtual beer to enjoy! :)

  8. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I used the Buffet Tuning for my new Classic Dining Set - find them here:
    (and matching dining tables here)
    I also have advanced plans for medieval sets.
    thank you for the mods! :)

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    2. Kimi


      Remember to read the rules. Links are not allowed in status updates. 

    3. coolspear


      I did not know that! Hi, @Ingeli if you could please post the links again in the comments section of the Cornucopia Buffet Table mod, then I'll know where your mods are. Since your Buffet Table does rely on that Buffet mod's files, it's best if the links were there. Plus I cannot recall if I saw a link to the Cornucopia Buffet table in your mod description? I know you mention my name (though not spelled correctly) as you mention your mod uses my files. But given that the Cornucopia Buffet Table's files are very unlikely to be broken in patches, - (Maxis simply have no need to re-tread over that old ground. I've only ever updated it to include new foods, never because Maxis tampered with the files.) - it would be nice if there were a link on your end directly to the original table, so those downloading your mod can see the original resource. That's usually the way of it throughout the community; a link and a credit. Thanks.

    4. Ingeli


      OOps. OK :)


  9. Hai thanks for all your hard work and what you do. I was just thinking about the gift of sulani power is like the instant upgrade. was seeing if you might wanna look into making it have no delay as well.


    1. coolspear


      This is not the right section to make requests. Site rules say do not do that here.  And I don't generally take requests either.

      Finally, as I only make mods I'll actually use in game, I'd have to say no to making the Sulani Power an instant trait for all sims. Given it needs to remain an autonomous interactions for the visiting Sulani Spirits to use as part of their event scenario, when giving it to normal sims they too use it autonomously and often, and the regular raindown of volcano bombs becomes somewhat annoying - thank goodness for the forced cooldown delays! The normal sims I'd given the trait to, I took it off them. They just abuse it, it had to go. It needs to remain seldom seen and for event purposes only, as far as I'm concerned.

    2. Kimi


      Thank you coolest of the coolspear.

    3. iamjaylyn


      oh sorry for asking then but Still THanks for your hard work on making all the other cool mods

  10. HI! I was trying to look around your page to see if you take them or not but I couldn't find anything explicit so I'll just come out and ask. Can we request a mod from you? The stuff you've done with expanding storage in the game is amazing! One thing I've always been looking for, and if you've already created it I would love to find it, is a photo album that functions are storage to put photos in. If you haven't, could I please request this? Thank you so much!

    1. coolspear


      I was thinking of doing a hybrid Laptop/Rotating Photo Frame. Such that you can store all photos in a laptop's Storage/Memory, but also the laptop, when idle, has a screensaver effect where it regularly rotates through a selection of photographs to display.

      No promises on this, as I only looked at the coding the other day of the Rotating Photo Frame while I was doing some tweaks on laptops and imagined it was doable to blend the Frame's display functions into a laptop's screen display coding. I haven't yet tried any tinkering to see if it will actually work. Due to working on other projects, it's presently a back burner project I'll not get round to fiddling with for some time.

      I don't generally take requests. But if it's something similar to what I'm already considering, then I'll respond pretty much in the same way I have done here. 

    2. Kimi


      Hey, just came in to rain on the parade. Remember, this is for status updates only and not requests or anything else like that. 

      "* Do not randomly PM people asking for help, post game play related questions in Status Updates, or ask game play related questions on someone's profile. That is what the Help and Support forums are for."

      Things like this should be asked in the section where they belong. 

      Thanks. :)

  11. Do any of your mod conflicts with Icemunmun food mods like Toddler food?

    1. Kimi


      @LaraCroftEyes1, please ask your questions in coolspear's section and not in the status updates. This is in the rules. coolspear's section is right here.

  12. Hey Cool

    Hope all is well.Just wondering if we can still use your mods  for the latest update on the sims 4? I just got back into playing the sims 4. Thank you Cool for everything you have done so far.

    1. Kimi


      @Doctrasim, please read the rules about using the status updates for questions. Coolspear has a post in his section about the state of his mods. Look here please.

  13. Hello which of your mods are compatible with the current game version? I love your mods and would like to have them in my game but I am afraid if I add without asking if okay they may break my game.

    1. Kimi


      This probably isn't the best place to ask about his mods. He has a complete list of his updated mods according to the patch that you can find here. I would advise to look those up first because I can guarantee that you will find what you're looking for. 

      Also, the rules indicate that you should always look things up and not bother the creators about updates. ;)

  14. Dear coolspear If possible a parenthood rework? I am sick of the toddlers and it almost ruins that pack for me. Including this gripe for all the simmers like me Who are highly annoyed by the toddlers being angry at everything. Also they follow you everywhere making buying them toys pretty much useless. Also the sad moodlets, if you don't talk to them every five minutes. Egads, I have to use MCCC to age them or I want to kill them. They also ask for story too much. The toilet training takes too long. Help me obi-wan-Kenobi you're my only hope.

    1. Rosewin


      :slapnut:They actually got toddlers right in the game. I have nieces with toddlers at the moment and they things that set them off are ridiculous in real life. Example; Toddler thowing a tantrum because they were told they could not sleep in the clouds. :tongue2:

      Having said that, I can understand your pain. I love playing big boiling families, but the toddlers get too much for me at times and I end up cheating everyone's needs just to cope with them.

    2. instantmagic


      Silly me, I found them. I had been thinking that there was an all-in-one mod somewhere that may have not been coolspears, individual files. If I knew how I would blend all his toddler mods plus the social worker remove baby one, all into one mod.


  15. Hi I'm using your Hospitals Re-imagined mod and my sim went to work but there was no option to join her she just left and vanished off the lot like a normal career.

    1. Jennifer811


      It's when I download all three parts of the hospital mod.

    2. Kimi


      @Jennifer811it’s probably best to ask this question on the thread for the mod itself. That way this won’t get lost and others might have the same issue. 

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