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    I like playing games, obviously. I also enjoy crafts and golf.
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  1. Pictures might be a go? I hope some of you who have pics to upload will give it a whirl.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kimi


      Wow @Firestaar1! You're a rock star. Thank you so much!

    3. Firestaar1


      It's my pleasure.  In case it helps, out of habit I resize all my picture so they will be 800x600 or less, and 250 or less kb, as well as always save as .jpg

    4. Kimi
  2. Still having picture uploading issues. If you have multiple photos, try using a hosting site such as GIFYU.

  3. Attention! When I was making the board for "other games" my intent was to make an entire section for everything else that we play. That is not possible at this time so I just put everything back into UnSIMlike Insanity.

    1. Klinn


      No problem, I think it works out just fine the way you've got it. :flowers-smiley-emoticon:

    2. Kimi
    3. RedMallie


      I actually like the UnSImlike Insanity title for that content. :smiletooth:

  4. I have started some changes. Hopefully I don't screw anything up. 😄

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kimi
    3. Rosewin


      Gets the coffee and treats ready. 🍰🥧

      Looking forward to seeing it all come together.

    4. RedMallie
  5. Is there any interest in making Christmas/holiday themed items to share here? I'm in the mood to be creative. Sims, CC, lots? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rosewin


      :hm: I think I have a few ideas.

    3. Kimi
    4. RedMallie


      Oooh!! I did not see this. I'll catch up for the next project, please.

  6. Have a great and happy turkey day!

    1. Kimi


      Thank you! I hope you have a lovely day.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦧

  8. I feel like summer just started! When did it become August already. 😞😄 

    1. tgdry6


      This year is flying by for sure!:wacko:

    2. Kimi


      It really is. 😞

    3. RedMallie
  9. Heads up for EVERYONE. Please take a look at the rules. Don't bug the creators, they are going as fast as possible!

    1. Jenn


      This is exactly why most creator sites had to shut down activity.  It's sad that no one seems to realize how huge this game pack turned out to be and the problems that surfaced.   I wish people could just be more patient, maybe chill out for a week or so and let everyone do their thing with their mods without being harrassed.  

    2. Kimi


      Thankfully it's not been too bad. Also, thank you for understanding!

  10. The forum was down but we are back again! Hopefully we can pick up where we left off. 😄

  11. Happy holidays to everyone! I hope you have a great time, no matter what you do. ❤️

    1. Rosewin


      You too, Kimi!  Happy holidays everyone! :greenstars:

      Winnie and I are having a quiet one this year. BBQ in the back yard. I don't have to go back to work till the 3rd. Yay!

    2. Kimi


      Very nice! I hope you will enjoy your time off. 

  12. I was without home internet since Saturday. I'll get the birthday threads caught up now. 🙂

  13. The calendar is working correctly again! I'm able to post the week's birthdays. 

    1. RedMallie


      Good!! I was wondering about that when I saw your birthday posts from today. I am glad, @kimi, it must have been a hassle to do it day by day. :tusm:

  14. Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope y'all are having a fabulous holiday. 🎄

    1. Rosewin


      Merry Christmas! Boxing day here already. Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season. :pullhug:

    2. NikkeiSimmer



      But I'm not playing Sims 3 right now.  Killing Imps and hugging Wookiees. in SWTOR.  Will get back to Sims 3 after January 11th, 2022.  😄

      Big Wookiee Life Day hugs to everyone.  Dag Dag!  Got more NPCs to slaughter.Gotta get those Frozen life day boxes.  😄 Want that Wampa Ice Creature cub. 

      Back to SWTOR.and will be back in Sims 3 in the New Year. 

    3. RedMallie


      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!! :loveshower:

  15. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

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