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  1. Hello. I am glad you kept modding and only moved. I ma having a slight bit of trouble with this site, though. It is a bit more difficult to wander around. I actually hadn't come here too often before you moved here.so yay for them :). Anyway, I went to the hospital yesterday (in game, lol) and it took forever for the receptionist to help us, my sim was in labor and her hubby was trying to check in. I had to reset him after a while when she finally went back and the Dr finally was there ( he and the nurse were stuck outside). So I was wondering if the mod needed updating.I came here looking to download latest version.hard to find. Just an observation. Hopefully I will get better at it.


    1. coolspear


      Hello there.

      That issue is as old as the Get To Work EP, there from day one. Nothing to do with my mods. Sending your sim to the hospital to give birth has absolutely no connection to the files I used for my Doctor Career mods. I did once try to take a look at why the doctor on duty takes an absolutely criminal amount of time before tending to pregnant sims, but could not see any reason for it. The same story has been told all too frequently on EA Help by non-mod players. Waited so long for doc after checking-in. Clicked on reception again thinking the original check-in must not have been registered. This somehow makes the doc finally move their ass. Go have baby, but then the second check in is still queued so the new parent abandons baby to go attempt another check-in. Whole scenario spoilt through confusion and crap coding. All Maxis I'm afraid. Though I've lost count of how many players over this past year-and-a-bit since I released the mods have PM'd me asking me to take a look at my mods again. I can't blame the players, though. Who wants to believe Maxis is just that rubbish?  The Emergency Pregnancy Event for the career has also been broken for six and a half months now! Guess who also keeps getting blamed for that? Yep, Maxis really are that rubbish and modders take the flak for it.  

    2. caligurl4evr


      lol, I believe it. I often think that many of the CC and mod creators are much more talented than any at Maxis. i really was just letting you know why I came here. I am pretty sure I was missing parts of the mod though. I needed them anyway :)  Grabbed a few more while I was here.

    3. Twoftmama


      @caligurl4evr Questions about mods are not allowed in status updates or on people's profiles. If you have a question then you need to ask in that mod's thread. Please read the forum rules. Thanks!



      * Do not randomly PM people asking for help, post game play related questions in Status Updates, or ask game play related questions on someone's profile. That is what the Help and Support forums are for.

          *Do not request mods, or ask questions about mods in status updates. Ask in the mods thread.



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