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  1. Nope, no more CC skins and overlays for me. Aha. *Looks at the new CC skins and overlays for infants she's got.* big sigh.

  2. Well, I must admit that I am now very much into CC Maxis Match hair. Who would've thought? :embarrassed-smile-smiley-emoticon: In my defense, MM hair quality and detail is tremendously improved from the original awful hair EA launched TS4 with. 

  3. I just learned to make recolors of CC objects using S4S!!!!!! YAY!!!!! :grinningbig:

  4. Oh, how I missed you all! :waving:

    1. Rosewin


      Missed you too Red! :tackle:

  5. Happy New Year to all inmates!!! :hug1-smiley:

    1. Kimi


      Happy New Year!

  6. Hope our inmates in Sydney and NSW are safe.

    1. Kimi


      I must have missed some news. I hope all is well.

  7. I said I was cheering for the Bengals, I stand for it, in spite of the current score. :evilsnicker:

  8. Playing Sims 3 and writing on my blog. Refused to work this weekend.

    1. nixicole


      Sounds wise. I've definitely cut back on how much extra I'm willing to work within the last few years. learning my limits. 

  9. Where is everybody? Did I miss the hide and seek competition memo? :23:

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. RedMallie


      :armflowers: Keep fighting, @nixicole, you are not alone.

    3. Signy


      Sorry, too much work and hunting for a new job. Then landlord decided to sell so scrambling to find a new home. I'll be back soon. Hopefully.

    4. tgdry6


      Yikes hope all goes well and you get settled soon!

  10. Happy birthday to you!!! If you are the HFO from MTS, I love your content!!! And if you're not, you chose a nice online name, hee hee!!

  11. Heya Mallie,

    I´ve read your comment, thank you, and maybe, I can help? What kind of problem do you have with foundations and platforms?

    1. Kimi


      These kinds of discussions belong on that thread or in another one. That way if others have issues, they can learn too. 

    2. RedMallie


      Thank you, @Kimi!! :give_rose:

      @carlfatal Thank you! I'm going to talk about it in the Silly questions thread. :cheese: I just hadn't had time. Real life is sometimes very demanding for attention.

    3. carlfatal


      I am not that often online but I wish you a happy new year! :hug3:

  12. Absurd statistics, but true. I've played TS4 for 1610 hours in 6 years. While I've played TS3 for 4921 hours since 2013 when I got it. That is about 3 times more hours in TS3 than TS4. I'ma TS3 fan true and true.

  13. Heya, I am missing you in my story thread. Is there anything, that angers you? If so, then I am very sorry. :unknw:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. carlfatal


      Oh my gosh, that is really bad! I would die without internet connection! But good to hear, that you are back online. :hug3:

      And you wouldn´t believe but I now own nearly all packs for Sims 4, only missing 3 stuff packs and this crazy SW-pack. I am completely addicted to that crappy game now. That is so embarassing but makes so much fun to build with. I know, why I am an inmate. I never will be allowed to leave the asylum anymore. :titter:



    3. RedMallie


      Kimi keeps the beds fluffy and the jackets are very comfy, I don't know why anyone would want to leave the Asylum. :19:

    4. carlfatal


      Yes, Kimi does so but I always thought, if we were healed, and not longer addicted to this game, then we would have to leave and enter the real world behind the secure walls of the asylum. :unsure2:

      But now I see, that we all seem to suffer from a desease, that can´t be cured but become worse eventually. I can imagine the day, when I´ll buy Sims 5 at the release day. My goodness, the only medication for people like us, is to give us even more of the drug, we´re used to. :40:

      But yeah, the restraints feel comfy and adequate. "They" will never let us go, and we will never feel the will to resist or run. The sims is digital heroin, that´s for sure. :pardon:

      And so we are here, and we will stay here until the last day breaks, on wich a human will play the Sims. :dzaka2:

  14. Feel like building today.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RedMallie


      Hope you're doing well and just busy, @Kimi :armflowers:

    3. Kimi


      I was out of town for the weekend. Thanks for checking. :3hearts:

    4. RedMallie


      Glad you had some time off!!! :177:

  15. Australia.

    1. Rosewin


      We went to visit a lady on Monday who is looking after nine koalas affected by the fires. I donated some material that can be made into various things needed for wild life.

      There is also a lot of rain heading to the Eastern states at the moment that will hopefully help to put out some of the long term fires over there. They are just hoping it doesn't start any flash flooding due to the low vegetation.

    2. RedMallie


      Thank you for mentioning this, Rose!!! :yourethebest: Stay well!!!

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