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    The Sims 3, Photography, Baroque Music, Airplanes, JAG (the TV show) and writing fanfiction about it both at fanfiction.net and playing with my JAG-Sims.
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About Me

I like going out and shooting photography (when my health allows me).  I used to do sports photography for my son's minor hockey team but my primary love in photography is going and shooting landscapes and wildlife professionally (but due to complicating health problems, had to shutter my business for the time being.  And I shoot Nikon.

I've been playing TS3 since January of 2017 (yes, I'm a relative newcomer to the game).  No, unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of TS4 so you will not see any TS4 content from me. 

My wife and I, prior to marriage, were big fans of the TV show JAG and writing fanfiction about the show brought us together.  We've now been married 19 years and counting (20 as of August, 2020)

My late dad was the one who interested me in classical music and thus I prefer that genre above any other.  My wife (who likes bands like Bon Jovi, Queen and Def Leppard) calls me a music snob.  :6383:  Well, can I help it if I think Handel, Bach and Vivaldi were the epitome of human musical expression?  :smug:

So.there.that's a little bit about me.