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    Electronics and electronics design, computer programming, computer hacking, hardware hacking, amateur radio, physics, theoretical physics, psychology, sociology, neurology, human behavioral sciences, writing, philosophy, history, astronomy and many other fields too numerous to mention (or find relevant) here. Also enjoy Mountain Biking, fitness, prospecting, gold panning, hunting (Bow), collecting and practicing with many forms of medieval weaponry (and fashioning same), soundbyte editing, commercial editing, movie making, movies, music, live broadcasting, my web radio station, acting as consumer advocate for the downtrodden and obviously computer gaming. Mostly I just like to be shut away in my lab with my equipment and projects, or out in nature in my home province of Beautiful Super-Natural British Columbia.
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    British Columbia, Canada

About Me

  I'm deep and I have learned enough about people in 53 years that I don't like them. I have precious little time for average monkeys. If you MUST communicate with me, HAVE A POINT and please GET TO IT IMMEDIATELY. I despise small talk. My mind WILL NOT idle and I CANNOT focus on people who use a lot of words to say noting at all. It is my firm belief that everyone is entitled to my opinion. Don't mind me, sometimes I suffer from the delusion that I have a sense of humour. What can I say? I was born at a very early age and just haven't been the same since. I am NOT crazy! (I progressed WAY beyond that three decades ago.)

  If my cynicism and/or arrogance bothers you, you are free to put your complaints/concerns in writing, seal them in a self addressed stamped envelope and by all means drop it in the mail. You should receive something within a few days.