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    Sims...Sims...Oh Ya did I say the Sims? (this includes Sims City series and sims medieval)

    RPG Computer Games, Dragon Age 1-3 Witcher 1-3 All Dungeon & Dragon Games(NWN, Baulders, Sword Coast Legends ect), Might & Magic, Assassins Creed, Two Worlds 1&2, Wasteland 1&2, Pillars of Eternity, just to name a few.

    Table Top D&D (Dungeon & Dragons) Been playing and collecting since it came out. Have my own created world and rule set based off D&D 1st-3.5, Pathfinder and some d20 stuff.
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    Out in the Middle of Nowhere in AR
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  1. Rain Rain go away.Yep damn near need an ark.


    1. Nellas


      Same here but nothing like what it is just a few miles south of us in LA. I hurt for them.

    2. Eliza


      Row, row, row your boat, actually compared to Louisanna, the sun shower I just got here, is nothing.

    3. Zaleth


      Both ends of our dirt road (which we are the only ones that live on) are flooded we have not gotten mail in 3 days because of it.  A car will not make it through the water, but a high enough truck will.  This is not unusual for here if we get hit with this much rain.  A few years back Black River flooded and we surrounded by water and stuck on what we called survivor island for 3 weeks with no way out.   We were the only dry place between two towns.  The areial view made us look like a small island in the mists of the ocean so I feel for any that have to deal with issues like these !