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    Sims...Sims...Oh Ya did I say the Sims? (this includes Sims City series and sims medieval)

    RPG Computer Games, Dragon Age 1-3 Witcher 1-3 All Dungeon & Dragon Games(NWN, Baulders, Sword Coast Legends ect), Might & Magic, Assassins Creed, Two Worlds 1&2, Wasteland 1&2, Pillars of Eternity, just to name a few.

    Table Top D&D (Dungeon & Dragons) Been playing and collecting since it came out. Have my own created world and rule set based off D&D 1st-3.5, Pathfinder and some d20 stuff.
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    Out in the Middle of Nowhere in AR
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About Me

Project Overhaul 10-2017:  My project I have embarked upon, which entails clearing all buildings, venues, parks ect from all worlds and granite park is an on going project that challenges imagination allowing me to be very creative in making a place for my sims that are not merely buildings but have more of a theme each city as I like to call them.  I am have removed all families and buildings from each city including the camp ground keeping only those in game families I plan on giving a make over and a few buildings. This was started in 2016 but got put on the back  burner due to some Real Life issues that got in the way of my gaming.  Now I  am once again back  at  it a more normal pace.

Since the game is flagging all my creations of late as modded find them under Advanced: Custom Content.  I will tell you on them whether or not CC was used.  If I use any CC I will put a full list in the post on the lot in my section.  (Just a note:  CC will not download with a lot, the game will either find something compatible or just ignore it.  I found this out when I redid my Goth house saved it to my personal gallery then cleared out and redid my cc.  When I put the house back it was missing some stuff I forgot to put back.)

Been Playing Sims since Sim City graced the shelves of stores for the first time. I currently play Sims 4. 3 and   Sims Medieval.  I do make homes, and sims for 3 & 4.  (Though just starting to do more homes in 4)

I still play Sim City along with my RPGs like Dragon Age 1 & 2, and Dragon Age Inquisition, Kingdoms of Amalur, The Witcher 1-3, Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2, Two Worlds I & II and horde of other D&D type computer games. I am an avid gamer and have been since my fingers first graced my first computer a Commodore 64.

I also am an avid collector and player of Dungeons & Dragons which I have played since its creation way over 30 years. We play at my home with a self created world. As you can see my Imagination holds no bounds!

I love to read Sci Fi, Historical Romance, and Fantasy. I read other types those are just my favorites.