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  1. Finally got all of TFM mods.

  2. another night of no sleep but got some downloading done since I have to redownload my crap from TSR.Now for some house building and playing some more on Kingdoms of Alamur.

  3. Yeah all expansions and stuff packs work, now to get all my store stuff and cc back in.

  4. just got done making homemade Cinnamon Rolls awaiting the rise so I can bake them,,So while I wait I will contiune to dl updated TFM files!

  5. Got my Showtime, got patched up.DL'd all of NRaas updates, now to do that here and figure out about what to do to get the CC to show up.

  6. Tap Tap Tap Still waiting on my Showtime to show up.Should be here today or tommorrow.Katy Perry Version.

    1. crinrict


      Same here. Customs taking their time .

  7. UGG.Rain.At this rate we will be flooded in.

    1. Nellas


      It seems to be going north of us only to flash flood back down X.X

    2. Firestaar1


      You can send some our way :-)

  8. Not a good day when you try to cut your thumb off with a mandlion! Lucky for me its only 1/2 inch long 1/8 deep and super glue works great to keep it closed!

  9. Wendy the link to the stove is posted!

  10. No sleep for 24 hrs.Looks like it gonna be another weekend with no rest for the wicked

  11. Its windy and cold.

  12. 3days of next to no sleep make for a very tired Zaleth today!

  13. Ok OK OK ! I am up.Now to move over some more stuff from CT and get ready for my weekend of D&D with my kids!

  14. All registered and profile done.Now to move over all my stuff.