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My most listened to music is hard rock and K-Pop but I like a little bit from many different genres. I've played The Sims 1 the longest, I hold Sims 2 as best in franchise, I play Sims 3 even though the lag tries my patience but I just like playing it so much & I am doing 100 baby challenge in Sims 4 but don't really enjoy playing it, otherwise. Mom to one 23 y.o. son - love that for me because my son is really awesome! Bias? What bias? Others agree with me - it isn't only the Mom thing (but it's a little bit that, too ngl). I am a fiction writer mostly for fandoms that I've been in but some original, as well, except I only post fan fiction in public places, my original stuff is drawer fic, lol. I love watching sci-fi/action movies and tv shows. I'm generally not in it for the shipping but sometimes I feel like two characters just suit each other in a romantic way so then I do ship. Past fandoms: FF7 Crisis Core, Days of Our Lives, Current fandoms writing: OG Roswell , B + T, Super Junior (not frequently anymore) Current fandoms reading: OG Roswell, B + T, The 100, Fandoms passionate about: sense8, The OA

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