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  1. Short & sweet bits:  It works great for me now - other mods OR the save was the problem. Off the Grid lot trait can brake it. 


    Okay sorry it took me so long to get back to post this. Short story- 3 gamer household (including a teen),  1 computer, 1 Tv. and I'm the only one stuck with chore duties or maybe just slowest to the computer. lol


    OK so what I noticed in-game the lot DID have the Off the Grid lot trait, BUT it was producing its own power to = needs. Kids could still use it, no LE's at all. Kids could battle and train there critters. I was getting LE's but not for your mod.


    _Now_ the big news, I scraped that legacy save (argg!) and started anew. So on new clean install (deleted the old folder from documents) It runs fine on it own, and with MCCC. I haven't tracked down just what mod/s gave it problems but I striped back on what I was using due to the LE's and wanted to keep this save safe. So sticking with MCCC a few from Tmex & Scarlet. And whole lot from LittleMsSam.  


    I found out that the Le's I had been getting had been stemming from problems in EA's code for the phone since the Eco update. It seems to add errant info into it even if the person's not on a lot thats "Off the Grid"  the errors differ at the end but all start with"  AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute ". with different  things like ." no attribute 'sim_info' "  or . " no attribute 'append' "  So Thats on EA like nearly every time my sims family traveled someplace the building was gone.  Thought it was a broken mod at 1st. 



    @coolspear thank you for that lesson. I am trying to learn to do more things with S4S. I don't have much confidence yet and its is a real struggle for me. I am dyslexic and dysgraphic (and I have to google the spelling every time!)  Friends tried to teach me code before and all gave up disgusted that I have to spend so much time triple checking myself, and that I cant grasp "easy concepts". I have other strengths to compensate.  I can easily mesmerize a whole lecture. 

    So heaving the code spelled out I think I will try again.

    Do you know if there is a ctrl+F search like function? I tried before but didn't see it. I'm so happy its not a string of numbers I have real trouble with them.


    Thank you so much again.  

    And if I missed any misspelling or wording things to weird sorry- sometime I cant even get spell check to figure out what I want to say.  Its a gift. :)

  2. I realize that the Original Mod maker is retired and I wish them many relaxing days. 

    However I was just able to pick up the kids stuff pack on the 50% off sale and was wondering if this mod will be/ has been picked up by another moder? 

    I tried his preferred version and it did not work. As in only children can still use the Voidcritter Battle Station.  Not teen, or YA. 


    I am fully updated game is . However I do recognize that I need to do more testing as it seems my old save is _Bleep_ currently. I have the missing home/ building glitch from the EA patch. 


    As such I am redoing my whole mods folder & reorganizing it since I splurged on a few packs at 50% off and the new updated made me check all my CC anyway. 


    Please understand that this is just a request for information, not a demand of any kind. I know I'm new here and the internet cant convey tones. 


    Again I want to thank all the mod makers who help breath more depth & life into the game.