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  1. Expecting to be really sad after The Walking Dead tonite.

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    2. Great8Girl


      Wasn't expecting her to die, but share your thoughts on the matter Blue. Kinda sad t see the Nerd go too :( Now we gotta wait SEVEN months for the net season! Though, that'll give me time to see the first and second season *wants both for her birthday* And how about that nut job who called into The Talking Dead?! WTF!

    3. Nellas


      Was it just bad acting from Jodi's (?) part in the woods with Carl? It did not look to me that he was turning over his weapon and tend to understand a lot more of Carl's reaction. I am not sure if they were trying to show that Carl is getting carried away or what?

    4. bluegenjutsu


      I think Carl went too far with actually killing Jody, Nellas. But Jody didn't help with the trust factor by not putting the gun on the ground right away. He took too long to do that and Carl decided to kill first, ask questions later.

      @Great8Girl, it will be good for you to see the show from the beginning. You can see how Rick and the others have evolved since then.

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