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    I love The Sims 2 and 3. Never really played The Sims as TS2 was out when I got into playing. I love to read all kinds of books from Dean Koontz to Rita Mae Brown to Cindy Miles, taking care of my cat Katelin Rose, have had pen pals since 1969. Family and friends are very important to me. Love music of different kinds as well as movies. Miss the halibut fishing charters out of Homer, Alaska. I was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska. Montana is nice but Alaska is still home in my heart!
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    Missoula Montana USA
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  1. My cat Katie had a day at the vets.  Started out as vaccinations, blood work and grooming. Since she is now going on 16 years old it made me nervous. She ended up needing a lump removed from behind her left front leg. She came home about 2 hours ago and is pissed at me but I am thrilled to have her back home!

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    2. Nellas


      Fingers crossed that the lump is nothing serious. Glad she is recovering. best wishes to you both!

    3. Katelinjens


      Thanks, TFM and Nellas!  :grouphug:  

      We had two scary days but now she is almost back to her normal self. The biopsy did come back as non-cancerous so I am very relieved about that! She sends hugs and purrs.

    4. nixicole
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