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  1. Thank you for this! I had the worst time learning why some of my mods wouldn't work when no one else was having trouble and someone mentioned nesting. They walked me through editing the resource file (bless their soul, it was a task) Having one already edited and ready to go is a great thing. Thank you!

  2. I think some  authors may not like getting questions but most here really don't mind. A step on the journey to learning to mod can certainly involve communication with the author of the mod they are learning to edit, which is what Shalunyturns has done. Coolspear has posted answers to several questions before about modding, edits, and quite honestly, a ton of everything that falls in between.


    Thank you for your tips on where to get started. I am not sure that we have a S4pe comments thread but if you know of any well done tutorials, I am sure they would help. 

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