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    My Sons, Wolfie, classic Rock, Dogs, Wolves, classic muscle cars, horses, motorcycles, guitar. Oh yeah I like this game called Sims2
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    Planet Lupine with Wolfie and our family
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  1. OMG I just read about the Canadian Mexico fight at the world baseball tourney, what the heck did we send hockey players by mistake?

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    2. lewisb
    3. Kivak


      Well I was a baseball player back in High School but we never got into fights.

      I prefer watching school games over pro any day. I never really got into a fight with anyone until I started my rock band.

    4. IrishDuchess


      School games are great, I totally agree. My son's both played a while, but my youngest kept with it to play in a travel team here. I still help out even though he isn't playing. It's great fun when they still have passion for the game itself!

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