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    My Sons, Wolfie, classic Rock, Dogs, Wolves, classic muscle cars, horses, motorcycles, guitar. Oh yeah I like this game called Sims2
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    Planet Lupine with Wolfie and our family
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  1. Woke up this morning sick as a dog, still not feeling well. I am going to work anyway. If you don't hear from me know I am still sick. I need Wolfie to make grandma's comfort soup.

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    2. Rosewin


      Good to hear Akeem.

    3. michalien


      Thanks for the info Akeem. Please, pass my regards to Kivak and wishes for quick recovery.

    4. Kivak


      Thanks everyone I am finally feeling a bit better slept through Wolfie being her 15 hours and worked last night, even drove myself last night, although Bobby would have driven me, work is 70 mile round trip. slept about 7 hours today got chores done. Still not feeling the best.

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