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    My Sons, Wolfie, classic Rock, Dogs, Wolves, classic muscle cars, horses, motorcycles, guitar. Oh yeah I like this game called Sims2
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    Planet Lupine with Wolfie and our family
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  1. How do I get a 3 month old German Shepherd puppy to go down stairs, he goes up but won't come down, lol

    1. Kivak


      He stands at the top and whines til I carry him down, Wolfie said I should have never done that, lol I picture me carrying him down when he is 70 pounds.

    2. Cloudwalker


      kibble .a piece on each step, then every other step, fewer and fewer till none (or any other treat he loves) works everytime

    3. Kivak


      Great idea thanks Wolfie is at work but she yelled at my for carrying him down this morning.

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