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  1. Feeling like all the areas I used to download sims 2 mods from have disappeared in the last 5-8 years. Makes me really sad I didn't back up more of my mods. Hoping my search for sims 3 mods won't be so difficult!

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    2. veiledstar


      @carlfatal :loveshower:

      Thank you very much! Which mod, mod author and version is it? I'm not sure why, but the link to simfileshare sends me to just the generic folder shared by simbiology, instead of directly to the mod download.

      For some reason, the night I was downloading most of the mods from simbiology, everything kind of just disappeared from the website and started routing to the link for simfileshare. It was then down, saying that it was being edited for a few days. I can finally access the files again. I have looked at all of the "full collections" for each modder, if there is a file for that, and I do see quite a few of the mods that I was looking for that were posted to forums.

      I wish I had explanations/readme files as to what they are, but I have dug deep into some of the sims 2 wikis where dedicated people listed quite a few mods, what they do and where it links to the broken website link, which is when I start my detective work going backwards from the name/description. I have found a few working locations for websites that no longer exist, usually on simsfileshare.

      I did have some luck on the wayback machine on a few websites to "resurrect" them and be able to download files from it. I remembered accessing a website for a CC creator that used to make content here for the sims 3 so I thought I would try my luck at some of the old websites. I'm not sure how the sites are saved and for how long, but some downloads tend to be buggy on this. I think this has been put into the "last resort" category.

      Many people have re-posted a new link to their old files, as I mentioned before without even saying who the mod author is. That can be a double edge sword for another topic, though. 

      Sorry for such a long response!

    3. carlfatal



      I am really sorry, that this list was not really of use for you but it is all I know. I didn´t play Sims 2 since years, mostly cause of technical issues, and to find that specific mod, - well I think, the only way is to check the whole list, or download all stuff there, and let your computer search for a specific word then. At least, that is, what I do in such cases.

      I am mostly playing Sims 3, and the only thing I can do, is searching for this mod, if you can give me at least a part of the name. Although even then I am not sure, that it is hidden in one of my saved Sims 2 documents folders.




    4. veiledstar


      @carlfatal Thank you for your suggestion, anyhow! I have noticed that the link is being updated with more mods recently, so hopefully more mods will be put up soon.

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