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  1. Feeling like all the areas I used to download sims 2 mods from have disappeared in the last 5-8 years. Makes me really sad I didn't back up more of my mods. Hoping my search for sims 3 mods won't be so difficult!

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    2. carlfatal


      Can you remember Kativip from Cradle Of Darkness, or GOS, or Psychosim, or julsfels? Some of the old creators and sites are still active, and their content doesn´t need to hide, if you compare it to the newer games of the series.

      SFS will be back soon, and then even the downloads from Simbology will be availlable again. No, Sims 2 isn´t dead, and will not be. The game was the best Sims game ever, and I would still play, if I would be able to get it running without messed up graphics.

      And although I do not have a big archive of downloads anymore, I saved my old document folders, and with them all the downloads, I used. Like Zaleth I like to share. I only need to know, what you are searching for.

    3. veiledstar


      There are so many that I'm missing that I don't really know where to start. Some of them, you just didn't know how much you loved until you didn't have them, you know?

      @carlfatalI do remember all of those wonderful content creators and have seen that they are still out there. I did have some things bookmarked and managed to look through mod the sims several days in a row, following forums and content creators. I know that the game isn't dead! I also know a lot of people still have the mods from the talented retired mod authors sitting in their downloads folders as well as some people have them out there on tumblrs and such. It's just hard to hunt them down. There's only so many hours in a day and once you go down the rabbit hole of looking for sims mods, I feel like I never get out of it!

      @ZalethThank you for the offer. I can only describe the mod I am really missing for my family sims. It was a mod that you could use to change a group meal into individual meals after cooking it. It was in the menu option for serve, clean up, put away or make individual meals,  if I remember right. If either of you know of this mod, let me know, other wise, I'll just keep up my search.

    4. carlfatal



      I will ask the ones, that I know, who still play Sims 2. For now: Here is, what is saved from Simbology:



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