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  1. Moving on to a new browser.I hate change

  2. Bumps thermostat

  3. Bumps thermostat

  4. apples, pears, gummy bears and marshmallow. Checkout lady looked at me with that knowing smile.I was like D: No, not what you think! I am a writer. XD

  5. I has wine!! Now best served with book or sims. Decisions Decisions.

  6. Furnace working overtime

  7. Ugh! Sick as a dog.

  8. "You know smoke follows beauty, baby." <3

  9. I have lost the To-Do list!! *panics*

  10. First draft of Roll in the Hay is done! Now for the real work.

  11. Tosses story out the window and starts over.

  12. Just for fun, I killed off a MC in this story.is it bad that it works so well?

  13. It never occurs to me that I use a TON of CC to play the game until I try to build and decorate a house without it.

  14. Cleans and mops

  15. *fangirl explosion* Sorry but seriously, I have been holding it in way too long.

  16. Firing up the game for the first time in over a week!

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