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  1. Greetings. I have been on the magical mystery tour. Hope all is well. I still see familiar names. Asylum folks are the best. -Brandon-


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    2. Firestaar1


      I too just saw this!! It's so good to see you! I've been worried for you, and pray that all is well with you and your better half!  I've missed you!  *friendly tackle hugs*

    3. instantmagic


      Whoa! I like hugs but Jeez.Just kidding. I'll have to read Asylum rules again, so I don't break any. Don't want any whips to come cracking my way. Honestly, I haven't played Sims 3 in awhile. However, I have a new revved up computer and I am thinking maybe.What I am really wondering is if Sims 4 is worth it. Sims 3 is my favorite.

      Thank you for your message. It warmed my tired little heart. I can report that me and my better half were way too excited about the Game of Thrones premiere last night. That's about as exciting as it gets these days. Love, Peace and Hugs!  -Brandon-

    4. Firestaar1


      LOL that's the perfect level of excitement for Z and I as well, though ours is more like grabbing a quick bite to eat through drive thru, and bringing home to watch a movie, as we still don't have cable.

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