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  1. Hmmm. I don't trust ea with that. Hopefully srslysms will update her sim lag mod. I've tried coolspears before and I'm not trashing it here. It doesn't seem to work for me even in the override folder. This could be my fault. I don't dare slow down time in the sims game so that may be my fault as well. I tried to use 33 default I think I do not know what time slice to pick from but hopefully srslysims will keep updating hers.

  2. Aw thanks I knew that you would explain so I could understand it will be great to think about the end of Sims 4. No more updates. I heard Sims 5 may be online which I wish they'd stop trying to do because they tried it with S4 and that is why S4 is the way it is now. Not every game has to be online EA! By the way is the over rides folder just a folder named over rides? Or does the game recognize that folder for some reason.

  3. Wow, that was RUDE @chfe  Maybe you have never toiled away at a mod to a game that for the most part we love. Coolspear has spent countless hours to turn this game into something we want to see. And for FREE no less! EA gets paid and Coolspear did not, try to remember that, sweetie, darling.    I think Coolspear deserves a pat on the back, for all his work, AND that is hard work. Some of his mods really pushed boundaries. Like Empty Streets and World Control.  You really sound like you need to watch some comedy from Britain. UK comedy is quite different from USA comedy. Try being grateful about it.

  4. That's a brilliant workaround! I'm gonna implement that immediately! Pisses me off that they leave crap in front of doors as well. The IL thing about boats and such I think only applies when you move. If you move the boat comes with you. I know ea only gives you one autonomous setting, I wish it was set like high autonomy medium and low. Or even a setting for all idles off. The same idle repeats like a loop on Servos and Elderly Sims and on Spellcasters and Vampires in CAS I want to scream at ea/maxis for doing that. It is so annoying. Why loop it like that let the Vampire snarl and hiss once, and then be still. Oh, well. And as pylon stated above, toddlers could put that tablet in inventory as well, but nope they set it on some obscure table somewhere. I love this game, I really do. But sometimes what ea makes the sims do, I wonder why.


  5. I know it has been answered above, however one mod for just the guitar would be great because they put it down, and block other sims from walking. Unlike you I don't mind that they whip out the thing and start playing it during idle moments I'd prefer that any day over the idle singing. That singing is so bad. One sim decided to play the guitar and then leave it in front of the restroom door so I had to drag it out of the way so said sims could use the LOO.  LOL

  6. Ah.EA could have done so much more with this object. Sadly, they did not. Glad to see this though, true to Maxis form they cockled this one up. However they could have included these capabilities. Hot tub for one sim. Bath for one sim. Toddler pool.warm water only. Wash dishes. If you are on a deserted island, with no sink? In true EA fashion they could have just copied things from their other objects like the incense burner, to make a pot of potpourri for your sims to smell. Perhaps you could sit in it like the toddler pool to cool off? I mean the Cauldron from EA was really nice but I wouldn't have limited it to potions and three foods only. No chicken noodle soup? No beef stew? No other recipes besides these three? Thanks for this though, Coolspear.

  7. He (CS) answered your questions and mine, better than I could. I don't use the empty street mod so I couldn't tell you. (I used it briefly in the past.) However, since I have found out how to use MCCC to only add sims that I have made and their outfits! It also tells the game not to change their bodies, but only change their name, I find that for me it is better because I don't mind the townies that I make I just don't want any EA townies who look like they dressed up from Goodwill, with every piece of ugly accessories, dumb hats, and EA eyebrows ick! I hate those ea eyebrows so much. They look like a toddler drew them with a pencil, but alas they were like that in the S3 game as well. Yes, Coolspears mods are some of my favorites! He truly makes mods that I didn't know I need! Perhaps he is using powerful telepathy from the UK. :)  And I love his "cranky" humor because I have the same. His famous paragraphs where he introduces his mods have me rolling on the floor. I would feel sorry for EA when he lashes out at them for poor judgement but you know what? They deserve it. So many of my mods actually correct EA mistakes! Do they even test this stuff before we buy it? I doubt it. For example the spell casters always face the wrong way.

  8. Ha! I hate Maxis too, but as it is there is only one The Sims" so there's that. I started with your ts-64 It runs well but my sims have problems for example I'll ask them to throw out trash they will just stand there a long time before "finding" the trash can. I'm thinking of using your mod ts-16 instead. I have turbodrivers mod named unclogger from MTS.  I am wondering if this is why your mod does not seem to work correctly for me? Perhaps I should test the game without turbodrivers unclogging mod. Start up for this game takes the longest time for me, but I don't have a huge amount of cc. I have never adjusted time with MCCC. (I'm scared.) Once in the game though things run pretty smoothly except for the above mentioned sims routing to the trash can problem. (it's not just the trash can, they take awhile to find anything in their house.) I could tell though that your ts-64 was making other things faster, which I liked. PS if I have your resource .cfg file for more nesting depth, do I really need a folder named overrides? Or is Overrides just a title so to speak? Because if you say yes an Overrides folder is absolutely needed then I will put that in my mods folder lickety-split. My knowledge of gaming is limited but the game does read the files that it could not before since changing to the more nesting depth resource.cfg that you provided. Thanks for that!

  9. What I downloaded was coolspears nesting depth mod. His mod comes with a .cfg file which I believe is larger than the standard EA one is: And he also provides a folder that is empty that is named Overides. After unpacking the nesting depth file you must replace your EA.cfg file with his .cfg file in  your mods folder it is called resource .cfg So take that out and put coolspears resource file in. Then add his provided override folder. Unzipping his mod should show a resource.cfg file and an empty folder called overrides. You see now? After you have done all that then put his empty streets mod in that provided overrides file. You see now?

  10. I do use this, esp. coolspears .cfg file that allows this  If EA releases a pack or patch, I take .cfg file out of the mods folder and put it on desktop. Along with the my active mods folder also on the desk top, then update/patch and sometimes origins fix my game. Why? you ask, because as you DL the new game it will make a new mods folder and a new .cfg file. When you have DL all the EA stuff. Delete their newly generated .cfg file along with newly generated mods folder. Now put your mod folder from your desktop including CS .cfg file and you should be good to go. Hope that helps you. You'd have to ask CS if you actually need to have a folder named Overrides. As I find that the .cfg file of his is pretty much all I need, for EA to "read" all my folders and folders within folders. Hope that helps you .

  11. I have to try this especially because of ROM. EA seems to have changed the wording of this so I can't use MCCC to stop it. One sim stopped talking to a mage to. you guessed it. go: "Get Water." I think the wording before was "Get Drink." I am so annoyed that they stop what I am Asking them to do in the queue, to go get water! They are obsessed with it! Pisses me off. I take them to spell casters alley to buy stuff. And they suddenly fly back to Magic HQ to the sink. Seriously? This would make sense if they had a motive bar for thirst, as they do for hunger, then it would be the players fault. (somewhat) EA likes to ruin things for me. Also, as a further irritant they then have to go to the bathroom from all that water. I'm almost at the point to banish all bathroom sinks but my builds would look dumb without a sink in the bathroom. They all have OCD with the washing hands every five minutes as well. While I am at it, they never use any of the kitchen sinks to wash dishes, only the bathroom sinks. If the weather is hot, all of this behavior gets worse. Annoying.

    Seriously, Thank You for making this mod I hope it helps me. 

  12. Thank you. OMG I love chatting up geniuses, like Coolspear. I say this with all sincerity, because whether they know it or not, they are teachers to those of us less brainy. :) Above all they are artists who make Sims 4 fun to play. After all the uncool stuff that EA does.like Sims drinking water endlessly from the tap without the gamers permission, people like him fix it the way it should be. So I don't consider mods as really cheating since most of them fix broken things that EA cannot or will not seem to do?!

  13. Hey coolguy:  Do you know if doing a game repair through Origin will change this back to the EA cfg file? The reason I ask is that after doing an origin game repair I noticed my awful green plumbob came back. (I hate that bloody thing.) So then I have to go deep into pc files and edit the code that makes the plumbob invisible but leaves everything else in the game alone. Any thoughts from you?

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