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I never considered myself to be a regular creator. I started creating mods for The Sims 2 and The Sims3 to enhance my own game experience. When I found out that I was getting a lot of fun and pleasure out of their use I decided to share them so that other players can have the same happy time without having to mod themselves.

i was quite amazed and overwhelmed when I got featured at MTS for the very first mod I ever uploaded. My three Sims 2 object mods are still available there. But then MTS changed their policy and further uploads were rejected not because of any lack in quality but for mere technical reasons concerning MTS forum management.

I never did strive for honors (though it was nice to get one so unexpectedly) or high download numbers. The only matter I was really sad about was that I was unable to share anymore.

But then Twoftmama was so very generous and allowed me to post the links to my downloads (hosted on Mediafire) at the Simsasylum.

So here I am - happy again as everyone who is still interested has a chance to find and use them! :loveshower:

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