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  1. I noticed that recently download numbers of the "balanced autonomy mod" are rising. Since the mod description is VERY (too) long some short notes here:

    This mod works best in a neighborhood with many inhabitants ( I usually put a lot of custom created sims with different treats in nearly every house). With only a few sims in the neighorhood your community lots would be too sparsely visited.

    I also rework the community lots and put on a lot of items from the addons and the store that fit the theme (like in a sports center or a recreational park). This guarantees for diverse autonomous useage.

    "NRaas_GoHere" is practically obligatory to be installed too because it hinders townies to leave for negligent reasons (for instance they would leave because of hunger although they could get food on this lot, or for hygiene although there are showers on the lot, or for lack of comfort although there are items that will rise comfort again on the lot). Therefore I also add feeding options (stoves, grills, food stands, aso) and showers and toilets to the community lots where appropriate or needed.

    With many store items sims got stuck in an activity because there is no proper quitting signal. I am no script writer thus cannot add missing scripts (that would have been EA´s task) and thus in several items had to use low comfort as quitting signal. To counterbalance this it is adviseable to add comfort providing items to the community lots (hottub, rocking chair - every item sims use to relax and chill will work). I also reworked theme centered items (f.e. for sportive activities) in a sensible way that if placed together some will drain comfort and some will provide comfort - thus again encouraging diverse useage.

    Hope this helps 🙂


    1. Nadira


      The problem is the very old mod description cannot be edited anymore, otherwise I would have put the info on the top of it. But I am nor sure if I really should open a new thread just for this message. The new thread might also fluctuate away from the original thread and then viewers might not make the connection between the two. When I saw that recently more members have been checking my profile (already in the time before I posted the activity, probably because of the rising download numbers) I thought my profile might be a good place to leave the message. Sometimes I just do not know what is the best way to solve a problem. So help is always appreciated! If you think it wise I will open up a thread. Please tell me your preference!

      Have a nice Christmas and a happy New Year!

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