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  1. Momentarily distracted from my sims by The Sandman, on Netflix. Gaiman has been very, very vocal in defending this adaptation, and I can see why. Where departures have been made from the plotting of the graphic novels, it has so far only been to tighten and enhance narrative continuity. The casting is brilliant.  Everyone is bringing their A-game! 

    My Sims take-away? I really need to take another run at a Jacobethan manor house for HoB. 

    Will I be back on with Jaime & Johan, soon, though? You betcha.


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    1. SassmasterMaxie


      Cool I will follow you! Mine is @KatamariDaMaxie 😄

  3. Your house, as requested! 


    I named it "Oakhurst" from the small grove at the back of the lot.


    You can find it in my Studio, here.

  4. Wow - these forums look great on my phone. Usually a pain to navigate, so kudos to whoever is responsible.

  5. I should have named my story thread "Hate the Sim, Love the Simmer". xD

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