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    Sims 3, Fantasy literature, my cat, ferrets, magic, x-men, Avengers, Iron Man, effective ways to de-frizz curly hair
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    my imagination, where magic still exists, and happy endings are inevitable.
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  1. Discovering things. Namely, that I am apparently picky when it comes to default eyes. 

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    2. Nellas


      I do not want to call them a *favorite* just yet but they have lasted longer than any other I have tried. Remus Sirion's Testisin eyes (TSR) have a nice set of blues but I wish it had more purples and browns. *swoons at brown eyes* but there are no odd shadows or veins or anything like some of the others that I have been trying with a wider color choice. I do not use defaults

    3. nixicole


      I prefer to just stick a set of defaults in and not have to worry about applying the eye color to every outfit every time. I'm lazy like that.

    4. Nellas


      I will be the same once I find ones to stick with


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