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  1. 16 hours ago, coolspear said:

    I think opening a new thread in General Mods, called something like "Updates for 1.63 and beyond," and then post the links to threads where kind modders have posted updates could do the trick. What do you reckon? Whatever you think would be the best option, the best place on the site, for most folks to see latest news on any updates.

    And if anyone wants to add their name on one of my old mods, or add the patch number at the end of the mod's name, whatever works for you to help distinguish it as an updated mod, it's fine with me.




    If anyone happens to see one that we missed to add to the list, feel free to let me know.

  2. I'm still trying to figure out what the best route to show updated mods that are uploaded here.


    1) People can upload them to the actual thread and then I can (or coolspear) update the main post showing that the mod is actually updated. Then a main post can be put up in the actual board.


    2) I can start a thread in the TS4 mods section and they can be uploaded there. The thread here can be updated but pointing back to the post with the update.


    As of right now, those are the only ideas that I can come up with. Let me know if you think of something better!!

  3. Wow @Chfe, why in the hell would you go on like that? You've made my job pretty easy, but still. If you don't like the way that Coolspear reacts when people drag him down, then I would suggest you not be one of those people. But you did it and now I have to step in. 


    Coolspear is correct in saying that the majority of us understand. EVERY damn time EA updates, it breaks his mods. Maybe not all of them, but enough for him to have to check them. Have you ever in your life modded a game? Do you know how to check code? Because if you did, maybe you'd have more compassion. I have not done these things, but I KNOW that it's a ton of work and that he does/did it because he enjoyed it. Well guess what?? The enjoyment left and every time he had to update it was another f'ing chore. We all got it except for about 5 of you. 


    I wonder what makes a person thing that they can just come here and spew whatever the hell they want to. More than just coolspear reads this. As for me, I read every single post on here. Why? Partly because I'm a moderator but the other part is because we have an awesome community, except for when shit like this happens. The rules (yes, those pesky rules that I ALWAYS go on about) say not to cause drama. It's simple. Don't make a scene. 


    So the next person who feels like they need to vent AT coolspear, just don't. Keep it to yourself. Write it in your diary. Tell your therapist, I don't give a flying fuck. Just don't do it here. I'm done with it. 


    We love the mods that you've given us @coolspear and I know that a lot of people are using them even if you haven't patched and updated. To them, I wish them luck. To the others who have picked up your torch to either update for their own use, or to share, good for you!! Keep doing those things. 


    Let's keep the good vibes going and knock it off with all of the crap.