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  1. Australia.

    1. Rosewin


      We went to visit a lady on Monday who is looking after nine koalas affected by the fires. I donated some material that can be made into various things needed for wild life.

      There is also a lot of rain heading to the Eastern states at the moment that will hopefully help to put out some of the long term fires over there. They are just hoping it doesn't start any flash flooding due to the low vegetation.

    2. RedMallie


      Thank you for mentioning this, Rose!!! :yourethebest: Stay well!!!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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    2. Kimi


      Merry Christmas to you too! I hope your holidays are fantastic!

    3. Rosewin


      Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a save and happy new Year!!!

    4. tgdry6


      Merry Christmas!

  3. It's a week of birthdays for a good number of inmates!!!! We may need more purple pills!! :loveshower:

  4. I think I just helped someone at TwistedMexi's discord channel??

  5. is going on a Coolspear's mods download spree :grinningbig:

  6. Launched and played TS3 for the first time in months!!!

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    2. RedMallie


      No crashes. I played vanilla for a short time, but I am planning on checking it out better. More in my thread.

    3. RavenKay


      I have been playing S3 for about a month now. I played vanilla for 3 whole days. Then I added a few mods in.  I am still liking the open world and getting a kick out of my simmies.

      Have fun with your game  :multi-stars-smiley:

    4. Rosewin


      Yay! Really need to fire up my old rig and see if it still works.

  7. is about to break her rule with Island Living about not buying TS4 packs at full price. :sillysqueeze:

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    2. RedMallie


      I've resisted so far, but things seem to arrange themselves pro-buying it full price, hehehehe!

    3. arathea


      I intended to wait for the next GP to get a bundle but... :teehee:

    4. RedMallie


      Yeah, I thought about that, but the thing is that I still don't want either Dine Out of Strangerville, the last EPs? GPs? that I'm missing. I'd like the kids' stuff pack, but that's it so far. I don't think I can wait until the Fall to get the Witches and the Island, hehehe.

  8. Missing TFM. :love7:

    1. Kimi
    2. RedMallie


      You're doing a great job, Kimi,  :graphics-3d-smileys-290149: it's just that I miss our resident med dealer's kind of crazy, you know. :grinningbig:

    3. Sleepycat
  9. I'm getting a very strong building bug.

  10. Is a Van Gogh painting one too many?

  11. :sigh: When is the doctor in next, please? I need to make an appointment to discuss my CC downloading addiction, again.

    1. arathea


      You need more links and suggestions?

    2. RavenKay


      I too, have this addiction! 

      Take 2 links and 1 suggested site if that doesn't help call back for more links.

    3. RedMallie


      :heart: Thank you, Raven and Arathea. I will follow the prescription to the letter. :batlashes:

      *looks at her "waiting to be tested" CC folder* Yep, I will be taking my medication for the next few hours. :chillpill:

  12. My brother gave me TS4 Cats and Dogs for Christmas!!! :smiletooth:

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    2. Kimi


      Wow! Awesome. I hope you have lots of fun with it.

    3. RedMallie


      It was a nice gift indeed!!! Thank you, Fzzy and Kimi!!! I'm just waiting for my duties as a hostess to end to start creating my new TS4 pets. :evilone2:

    4. Loralie0512
  13. Some people are simply F****** Douchebags.

    1. Klinn


      Awwww --- :bighug:

      At least you know you can always come here for hugs and to see the good side of life. Hope things get better!

    2. Kimi


      :cookiejar: Have cookies and you'll feel better.

    3. RedMallie


      Klinn!! Hello! Thank you for the hugs!! :heart:

      Kimi!!! Yummy cookies!!! Nom, nom, nom. :yourethebest:

  14. Guilty of going on a totally unnecessary but ooh so satisfying downloading spree. :batlashes:

    1. Firestaar1


      I did that Saturday, and yes it was quite satisfying indeed!

  15. Well, the Asylum looks trendier somehow. :wub: Was it an update or a new choice?

    1. Kimi


      I thought the same thing! It's kind of shiny new with still having that feeling of comfortableness. And it's the update that TFM was planning on doing before the hurricane hit her area. She got it upgraded yesterday. :)

    2. Nellas


      I am glad it is not just me! I came in and glanced around and then went to make more coffee cause I thought my brain wasn't working right. 

    3. RedMallie