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    1. RedMallie


      Oh my goodness, Jerk!! You didn't have to do that, but thank you sooo much!!!! :flarts: Gaspar has lovely blond hair, indeed!!! And the pictures of his parents are amazing!!! There was love there, I see!!!

      I've bookmarked your new Simblr but I don't know how to comment there. I swear that this game is making me learn new stuff all the time!!! :9:


    2. Jerk1962


      It all happened while I was away from the keyboard getting iced tea while the load screen was up. I came back and Helene was in the museum and wanting to woohoo with a local (she'd not even had that wish with her husband). It took me more than an hour to locate the fellow. so I set them together near a hot tub and watched to see what would happen. Gaspar is what happened. :lolhuh:

      Oh, believe me, I understand about the game making us learn new things. I just spent an hour reading about how to use genealogy software to keep a Sims 3 family tree with a file exported with Nraas MasterController. I never thought I would be interested in genealogy until today.