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  1. My poor sims! I *STILL* have no good location for Xena and Wanda to get married. Need a ridiculous costume for Donny, too!

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    2. BoilingOil


      @Kivak: no meeting controller. I'll summon sims using the Cat, if required.

      @TS: I have ALL EPs/SPs, so there are no restrictions there. Residential is cool, because then I can have a 'caretaker' live there. But a comm lot is fine too. I have no preference for either.

    3. TwistedSister


      Duly noted. Spawning a horde of test Sims now, will get to the actual building if my computer doesn't explode. :D

    4. Kivak


      We just got invaded so I am going to bow out if TS is willing to do it.

      Invaded by 5 12-15 year old boys for a week, to hang out with my son and do stuff so you know I am going to get little sleep much less sim time.