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  1. DARN!!! I made a tumble with my bike today. One of my ribs is hurting, and the tank of my vaping device broke. Now I can't 'not smoke' for a couple of days.

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    2. ditzie1


      Sorry you are so sore, but glad it wasn't worse. I carry at least 2 devices with me at all times. I have been paranoid a battery would go out or something. I also have a separate bag for all of my liquid. I am 2 years smoke free in August!

    3. gawdcomplex


      For future reference, Try http://vaporsearchusa.com/ It's a website that shows local dealers of personal vaping gear and juice.

      I made a point of finding out where the local dealers were, and what they carried. I haven't regretted that, since I've forgotten to order juice and needed somewhere local multiple times. BTW, gratz on the switch.

      You might also consider getting a lanyard ;)

    4. BoilingOil


      Hmm, alas not very useful for finding local suppliers in Europe, though :)

  2. My poor sims! I *STILL* have no good location for Xena and Wanda to get married. Need a ridiculous costume for Donny, too!

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    2. BoilingOil


      @Kivak: no meeting controller. I'll summon sims using the Cat, if required.

      @TS: I have ALL EPs/SPs, so there are no restrictions there. Residential is cool, because then I can have a 'caretaker' live there. But a comm lot is fine too. I have no preference for either.

    3. TwistedSister


      Duly noted. Spawning a horde of test Sims now, will get to the actual building if my computer doesn't explode. :D

    4. Kivak


      We just got invaded so I am going to bow out if TS is willing to do it.

      Invaded by 5 12-15 year old boys for a week, to hang out with my son and do stuff so you know I am going to get little sleep much less sim time.

  3. Will there be a chapter 13? I can't say yet, since I do not know!

    1. Twoftmama
    2. MysteryIslandKid


      Me too I enjoyed what I read I need to reread when schools out. I am stuck in my story too, I don't know what to do next.

    3. BoilingOil


      Happy now? I'm adding stuff as I make it up. :)


    1. Firestaar1
    2. BoilingOil


      Nothing, dear. I just needed to shout! :)

  5. Chapter 7 is finished and open for comment, too. Old material all used now. I need to get playing again!

  6. Chapter 6 of the Short story is now done. Soon I'll need to start playing again, as I'm running out of material :)

    1. Twoftmama


      Need MOAR story! *gives BO big wet smooch*

    2. BoilingOil
  7. Users of my Names mod are advised to re-download to fix an error that Nyxie reported.

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