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  1. Still alive also, just had no net and no computer

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    2. Sleepycat


      there is nothing wrong with using XP online. stupid microsucks scare tactics

    3. Wolfenblu


      That is what Kivak thought Sleepy, but the guy that was supposed to fix it said it was beyond repair.

    4. Sleepycat


      weird. My daughter was still using my old XP one online, until the piece of shit monitor died.

  2. I am still alive just busy I like this new school

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    2. Wolfenblu


      MIK! I heard he has a new girl too.

    3. Wolfenblu


      MIK! I heard he has a new girl too.

    4. Kivak


      Cool good to see you.

  3. Chapter 3 of Moonlighters up, its a bit picture heavy but you should see all the ones I had to begin with.

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    2. Akeem


      Cool MIK going to read it.

    3. Nellas


      XD MIK, that does help!

    4. Wolfenblu


      Yeah if I remember there is only one chapter that is a bit racing but its just nudity nothing naughty, which might get you less readers MIK LOL

  4. First Snow Day of the school year. We have had snow before but it dumped about a foot on us last night.

  5. School has started I have 22 wonderful boys and girls and I thought I would sneak on before class started and say Hello.

    1. jenniferw23


      Have a great day and educate those kids!!!

    2. Kivak


      Yes, you were hoping for a good class after last years difficult bunch.

  6. I am much better now! Kivak is going to be my best man, and my girl and I are going on a long ride today.

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    2. Kimi


      What a perfect end to a perfect day!! *hugs all around*

    3. michalien


      I'm so happy that all went well for you. YAY! Kivak is the man and true friend. Thanks Kivak.

    4. Wolfenblu


      I am glad you are feeling better, Kivak is pleased to do it.

  7. I am sitting here crying over a forum. Not this one, if I am quiet for a while I am ok just upset.

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    2. Rosewin


      Their loss, MIK.

      I know it can really hurt finding out they were not who you thought they were, but honestly you are better off without that kind of friend.

    3. Kivak


      Rose that is very wise.

    4. Loralie0512


      I agree with Rose, sorry you had to find out that way.

  8. I'mmmm back!

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    2. MysteryIslandKid


      It was a lovely trip, I lost my cat but got him back that was what delayed us getting back when we wanted. Mom and Dad love my girlfriend, what a relief that is cat and GF.

    3. Kivak


      Thats great MIK!

    4. WolfMoon


      Glad you found your cat! And your parents like the gf, why wouldn't they?

  9. Taking about a 10 day trip to visit grandparents, parents, uncle and her sister, with 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a ferret what could go wrong?

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    2. michalien


      Wish you luck and have a great time MIK. Then come back because we'' miss you.

    3. Kivak


      LOL good luck MIK

    4. Rosewin


      Sounds like quite a road trip.

      Have fun MIK.

  10. Got a dumb question, don't want to start a thread for it.

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    2. Trif


      Yeah, it is a good thing you understand it before the wedding. <grin>

    3. Signy


      If guests can't/won't clink the glasses with spoons they might rattle keys instead. We did that at my brother's wedding because the glasses were plastic.

    4. eccentricgnat


      At weddings here, in Pittsburgh, they often clink their glasses, and someone will make a toast to the bride and groom.

  11. Got my books put away in their new shelves, along with CDs and Sims game

  12. Got my place partially fenced, got my horse moved in, now to build shelves for books tired of them being in boxes

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    2. Cloudwalker
    3. Kivak


      It's coming along well now all you need is for your booster to get there.

    4. MysteryIslandKid


      Thanks, I missed my horse so much when I was away at university. Got bookshelves built, and got everything on them. Now I need to figure out how to build a shelter and hay storage for my horse.

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