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    Horses, rock music, Sims2, dogs and cats, pow wows, building stuff and old cars.
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    Planet Lupine with my parents and bothers

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  1. Still alive, been reading the hellaween stories, good stuff, hope I have time to read all. Fuglies!

  2. Today was the first day of school and we had fun! We put one over on the seniors!

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    2. tessalion13
    3. Rosewin


      Glad it was a good start for you.

    4. Kivak


      He hates any kind of bullying even in fun unless its teasing among friends

  3. It has been a very big and busy summer for me, I am on to horse event teams and organising stuff and rebuilding a 1973 Plymouth Duster with dad for a friend.

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    2. michalien


      Good to see you again Akeem

    3. Akeem


      Thanks me too Firestaar, Michalien good to see you too!

    4. WolfMoon


      Hey glad to see you I miss Bela on Runescape, yep Akeem is Bela the gypsy on runescape lol.

  4. Dress rehearsal, after school tomorrow, the play is getting close! I am getting nervous.

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    2. WolfMoon


      How fun I want to see your play so bad.

    3. jenniferw23


      Knock'em dead! (Not literally, of course).

    4. Twoftmama
  5. Everyone, I got a part in the school play, I am also on the halloween committee, our theme this year is asylum! I am also helping build sets for the play, so I am super busy!

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    2. jenniferw23


      Congrats. Know you'll do a great job on all of it. If the theme is an asylum, there's a lot of people here you can base your characters on. : )

    3. Chicken0895
    4. MysteryIslandKid


      You go Akeem, I hope I can come to the play.

  6. Ok almost all the pranks have been done! I will delete this message Monday, any other suggestions.

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    2. Signy


      All the more reason to do it? Prolong the "fun".

    3. Cohzaku


      Yeah, do some immediate ones, some that'll go by for a while.MONTHS of pranksterish fun. :D

    4. MysteryIslandKid



      Got another one, move a herd of stray dogs and cats into the Pitt Stop bar (it is a home business)

  7. Parents gone time to PARTY! Party at my house! Oh and I want to prank them!

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    2. Rosewin


      LOL! Can't wait to hear what happens when they get home.

    3. Akeem


      I might have some 'splainin' to do. Really I am basically a good kid.

    4. MysteryIslandKid


      LOL Another suggestion. Download Fresh Princes School bus, use move objects to place one in front of every house knowing how Wolfie hates the bus! It would be funny.

  8. Whoot back from my epic horseback trip it was awesome

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    2. Rosewin


      Glad you have a great time Akeem. And awesome about the tiers and rims.

    3. MysteryIslandKid


      Sounds like the perfect summer get away, I would love to do a camping trail ride.

    4. Wolfenblu


      I am so glad he did it but I was worried all the time he was out, not about what he would do but something would happen beyong his control.

  9. Heading up to sheep camp day after tomorrow!

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    2. Akeem


      Thanks I shall! Lots of work but lots of fun too, cousins, cook outs, swimming, my bestest human bud and my dog is going with me. Camping out with 1k of sheep what could be more fun.

    3. Akeem


      Not to mention lots of horseback and hiking oppurtunities.

    4. Nellas


      I hope you have an amazing time!

  10. I have a truck, it is my truck, it is cool! Tomorrows the last day of school!

    1. Rosewin



      Have an awesome school break, Akeem.

    2. arathea
    3. Wolfenblu


      LOL he was bouncing out the door this morning he has been dragging himself out the door. They have such a good time the last day of school.

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