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  1. Rest in peace Tommy Lasorda, legend of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    1. Kimi


      One of the all time greats. :(

  2. Giant wildfires, again. I hope everyone stays safe!

    1. Kimi


      It's so sad! California goes through this every year and it seems to be getting worse. I am with you in hoping that everyone is safe.

    2. Chicken0895


      It' is sad. Climate change is making it so much worse.

    3. RedMallie


      Fingers crossed that people are well.

  3. Happy Holidays everyone!

    Sorry I was gone for so long. I had two weeks of strep, followed by two weeks of work/school catch up, followed by two weeks of finals.

    I'm stressed out just looking at all the posts I missed.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Shonie


      No stress allowed for a few days!  Happy Holidays and glad you are getting back to healthy.

    3. Kimi


      Happy Holidays, Chicken! Glad to see you around and so happy that you're feeling better. Take care and enjoy your time off.

    4. FzzyDg8


      Happy New Year, Chicken!

  4. Sorry I disappeared for a few weeks. I graduated from college, and was enjoying the festivities :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kimi


      Congratulations Chicken!! That's so great!

    3. Firestaar1


      Congratulations Chicken!!

    4. Chicken0895


      Thank you everyone!

  5. Happy Passover/Easter everyone! 

    1. Createdx1


      Happy Passover to you as well :smile:

  6. I just realized that the calendar says the Asylum turned 5 a couple months ago, but I could have sworn it was founded yesterday! I think being in here so long has warped my perception of time and reality.

    1. RedMallie


      I'm thinking we all had our perceptions of time and reality warped to begin with. Then we were sent here. Hehehee!!!!

      But you are absolutely right, time flies!!! There it goes, flying next to our very own Dragon!!! :19:

      Happy belated birthday, Asylum!!!!!

  7. Never underestimate our inability to stay on topic. It's so much more fun that way.

    1. arathea
    2. Eliza


      phht, Topics are *over-rated* LOL

    3. RedMallie


      What was that? Are they changing our meds again? Wahoo!!

  8. My sims are up and running again, just in time for Thanksgiving break!

  9. Suffered a hard drive failure. Can't play the sims until I install the new one and reinstall everything.

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    2. RedMallie


      Exactly like TFM said. Ugggh!!! Good luck with everything, I hope the reinstalling process goes smoothly.

    3. Chicken0895


      Thank you both! My other PC is not powerful enough to run 3 (my preferred sims), but it does have 2 and 1 on it. 2 can lag a bit though, so usually play it on the PC that failed.

      So far so good on the reinstalling. I just need to deiced weather to accept 1.69 or go through the pain of installing the Sims 3 from all the CDs.

    4. bluegenjutsu


      I hope the re-installing goes well for you, Chicken. *hug*

  10. Goes to play the sims. Spends two days building instead.

  11. Whether or not you support Hillary, you can't ignore the history that has been made tonight.

  12. Whether or not you support Hillary, you can't ignore the history which will (likely) be made today.

  13. I just found out The Sims was inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame last year. Cool!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RedMallie


      Great!!! Despite EA, the game is fabulous and deserves recognition. ;)

    3. FzzyDg8


      Yeah, but most of it is due to the wonderful mod creators out there!

    4. MadameButterfly


      True! The community has been amazing!

  14. I just wanted to say I'm still here, but still grieving. I haven't had the energy yet to catch up here. Hopefully I will soon.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kimi


      Take your time, it's what you need right now. *hugs*

    3. Firestaar1


      *hug* We're here for you when you're ready Chicken.

    4. bluegenjutsu
  15. I may disappear for a while. There has been a death in my close family.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Firestaar1


      So sorry to read this Chicken! We'll be here when you're ready to return. *hug*

    3. FzzyDg8


      I am sorry for your loss.

    4. Wolfenblu


      Sorry for your loss, and I understand ::hugs::