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I've been in IT before it was called IT.  Currently I'm a systems administrator, though I've developed in most of the modern computing languages, today it's python, bash, and even powershell (gasp).   I been playing bass and keyboards since high school (garage bands) that help me through college (when it was cheap) majoring in architecture.  Those days are long gone by and now I'm in computer science the day someone showed my graphics on a computer (HP something).  Raised on a ranch in New Mexico and now typing away on a Mac, surrounded by computers. 

I keep telling myself I should dwell into the modding of the Sims especially since its all python code, but only got to the point of extracting the scripts to a directory - I'm too busy playing and building.  Like any building game such as the simcity and the sims (comes from my architecture background).  But I have gone through some MMO, such as EverQuest, WoW, and Aion but try to stay away from games that do not pause.

My blog is low in updates, but did use it for a Sims3 Legacy tracker. I just use it to post notes about the Sims.  Been playing the Sims since SimCity ver 1.

I just created a new blog for my recording of Sims 4 play.  It is Neighborhood of Sims.  Thanks z.