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  1. ummm, Is it going to rain tonight?

  2. Getting ready to babysit my youngest grandson. It should be fun. lol

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    2. countryangel053


      lol. I have two grandsons. One lives with me he is 7 the other lives with his mom and he is 2 almost 3. I love em dearly. It is a blast when the youngest comes over. Unfortunately I wish she wasn't married to the guy she is married too. Not a good boy (no man) That is a long story.

    3. michalien


      My wife has a friend who has 1.5 years old daughter. She spent so much time with her that whole family is calling my wife grandma. She loves that title. I'm glad that you love being grandma. That is honored role.

    4. countryangel053
  3. Mmmm I can't seem to post anything right now. I wonder why?

  4. rain rain rain YAY maybe we won't have that horrible drought like last year. Wishfull thinking I suppose

    1. Rosewin


      I can relate to that. Loves the rain.