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  1. Personal update October 2019

    I added the availability to place these insect objects on surface slots.

    An idea that came to me for Island Living and all the Seaweed FX objects I made for placement on the Sulani seas. I gave those seaweed object surface slots to place clutter on, - looks great with candles - so now you can snap these insect to those slots so they will properly hover, float and fly over the water and not sink straight to bottom. The alternative would be to use the height raising cheat to have those dragonflies flapping about over a swimming pool designed to look like a natural pond. Great, until you upload a lot for other players to download, then when they place the lot those insect objects get slammed down to ground under water because Maxis does not protect outside objects from this horrid old rule. (The slam down used to happen to interior objects too, till they fixed it. Forgot to include outside objects. Though they've had plenty of time since to correct that oversight, but never have.)  and you'd never know they were there at all. Now place them on the seaweed slots and no damn slamming to ground, let others see the wildlife you placed over the water.

  2. Personal update October 2019

    I had to remove some unneeded files from these two as I'll be using them in another mod and I did not want any mod conflicts to arise.

    That other mod is the Size Matters mod, where I've added a lot of new objects, fixed some others like the big coffee table footprints (at long last) and made all smaller table top stereos fit atop any surface, not just large tables. Hence needing to remove those binary files from these mods as they were not needed here, but are now used for the Size Matters mod update coming soon.  

  3. Updated for 1.55 plus a personal tweak since patch update.

    When updating the purchase options broken by the patch, I also added a new purchase option to buy Magic stuff. I did not have time to check it in game during that updating period, so I did not see how untidy it was, with all those magic objects, brooms, orbs and wands all bundled together. They all needed sorting into their own, separate categories.

    I have since made much better objects to buy and store magic stuff, found here - http://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/topic/14593-storage-magic-cabinets-purchase-magic-items/

    As such I have removed the untidy purchase magic items option from the Plenty O' Presents mod, so grab the latest version now uploaded here in its own thread to be up-to-date with this mod, and grab the objects from above link for better, more tidy purchase options and much more magic stuff to buy.

  4. Updates October 2019 - As well as 1.55 patch updates, there are new summon features for special characters, Father Winter and Baby Ariel. What the heck, why not? Have Wicked Whims, will summon sims. Ravenous vampires always after a random neck snack, a Hidden Everywhere Portal in all their homes is a must have.  Also the new Magic Realm HQ venue added to the unique destination travel options. And name changes to both portal versions to better highlight which is the important Alpha mod of the two.

    Due to the inclusion of the Magic Realm destination, the mods here are more advanced than the ones previously found in the update bundle rar. So use the ones now uploaded here for the most up-to-date versions, and get those magic-lovin' sims' asses straight to the HQ venue from their own homes.

  5. Update October 2019 - Two more purchase functions added. One for buying all the ingredients needed for all magic potions. A second to buy all those spell books to read and learn the spells. No more waiting around for mages to maybe, randomly teach the spell, or for the ghostly stall vendors to maybe have the last few your looking for to complete the set. Let the completionist in you grab them all in one go and stock your library when you want them, leaving nothing to chance.

  6. Hi all, just did a very minor change to this. Just the name of the mod. The original was named "All Sinks Turn Off Turn On Dish Washing A"

    So why was there an A at the end? Is there supposed to be a B version? Are we waiting for another important element for this mod?

    All good questions. None of them needed. The A should never have been in the title of the final version. It didn't represent anything at any stage of making and testing. I think I was going to type "All Sinks" at the end, but then realised it already says All Sinks at beginning of title.

    Anyway, the unimportant-yet-deceptively-suggestive A has been removed. That's all, that's it. Nothing major. (No, it's the C version that all you guys need that I'm never going to release unless you all give me your life savings on my upcoming Patreon account :slapnut:)  


  7. Personal Updates October 2019

    I did say it was 1.55 patch updates done to the Nectar Bottle Cabinet Dispenser, but actually just a personal tweak. I've been adding the code to all my drink dispenser mods to prevent sims who have the hidden "is drinking" buff, - (because they are currently drinking something) - to get an autonomous push to get more frikken drinks. Since 1.52 Island Living patch there seems to have been a universal extra push in game for sims to drink more. Some on blatant new files for more drinking of tap water - grrrr - and others just behind the scenes. Extra pushes I feel are more glitchiness rather than proper implementations, due to the introduction of mermaid hydration, somehow spilling over to all sims to push them to drink more frikken often from any source they can get it. And they blooming do - sometimes getting a drink instead of taking a shower!!! Hence me adding the block of the hidden buff to everything I can find. I missed including block to this object when I first started adding the block. As such sims where going at this nectar dispenser like mindless idiots who could quite possible drown themselves guzzling double-nectars from both hands if I left them to it. Now falls in line with all other dispensers and the buff block. It may not stop them drinking more often over the course of a day, - I think you're gonna have to uninstall mermaids to finally curb that overzealousness - but the idiots better not keep trying for another drink while they currently have a frikken drink in their hand - grrrr. Maxis - grrrr.

    Also added a new cloned version of the Glimmerbrook Fridge model to be part of the Cornucopia Fridge Dispenser range. Find that in the Optional Packs rar for DLC fridges.


  8. Updated for 1.55 & Personal update for October 2019

    I know it's not officially October anywhere in the world for at least 14-odd hours, 26 here in Britain, I just wanted to express it's a personal update since the 1.55 patch. Saying "September" would be accurate, but could be mistaken for a stuff done before the patch. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

    The new stuff is I just added two of the buyable potions from Realm of Magic. Sure, there's like 15 RoM potions, but as yet I cannot find any more that are the buyable types for tis type of mod.

    The rest are all recipe type XMLs that should (in theory) work fine if and when I add them to drink straight from my Cornucopia or Medical Dispenser Fridges. I may even make it so our sims can buy and drink them "dispenser-fashion" straight from a cauldron - just an idea for now. But finding the special object versions that can be bought in the way this shopping mod does it, I've only found two such versions of the magic potions as yet.

    The "remove curse" potion sims can get from Rewards Store and the only potion buyable at the vendor stall, "reset perks," in Magic Realm market area. There just doesn't seem to be any more buyable potions in the coding, only "makeable" recipe ones for the cauldron - and fridges once I make the unique recipe files for them. As when you purchase such things from my fridge mods, the game says your sim actually made them from recipes, albeit instantly, not buying anything premade as seen with my other purchase stuff mods, or the two premade potions I'm yapping on about here. (That's why having great cooking skills and traits gives you better dispenser food!) Yep, you guys learn something new about the game and mods all the time.    


  9. Updated for 1.55

    (Just finally uploading the one from the bundle rar folder.)

    Note -

    While updating the hundreds of Food Object XMLs in this mod, I was hoping it was due to Maxis doing a fix for the graphical food errors seen on group meals. After going through a lot loading screen the plate looks empty if a sim had previously taken at least one serving, and Island BBQ meals never look empty even when they are. But no. Maxis just adding a new chunk of VFX (graphics) coding to every bastard food object XML in game, for no apparent reason or visible change in game. Makes me happy as a modder, I can tell you. But you could see how I got my hopes up, only to crash and burn while noticing no frikken change in game.

    So then, a lot of work updating the files of this mod for a whole lot of nothing, as far as I can tell. Perhaps Maxis preparing the way for a future pack, that's going to add new graphic states to all foods for whatever new, funky reason. Perhaps then a fix too, for this frikken glitch. So what is the next EP? University? What new graphical state can they add to food? An extra glow of brilliance on meals for a Uni grad who specialized in mastering the culinary arts? Yeah, well, that won't be worth shit if the group meal is still going to be fucking invisible after a lot loading screen.

    Or like the tale of The Emperor's New Clothes. That Uni grad is going for the ultimate in minimalist expressionism in their food presentation. That if Less is More, then Nothing To See At All is unsurpassable perfection. Invisible group meals the height of Avant-garde culture and cuisine, and now a new game feature rather than a glitch.