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  1. Updated for 1.55

    (Just finally uploading the one from the bundle rar folder.)

    Note -

    Prior to doing all the updating for patch 1.55, I had noticed that this mod was not stopping sims talking with the toilet. I opened up mod to take a look, and discovered that on one of the files I had made no changes, it was still all Maxis, I forgot to edit it with all the No Auto data here and there. So yeah, that would explain it if you too were also seeing sims still talking with toilets. An un-modded mod element. Terrific. So as well as doing the 1.55 updating here, I have now modded that un-modded mod element so it is actually now a mod. Terrific. :57b447a70b144_3(1):

    I've not seen sims force themselves to chat with toilets since, now that this mod is actually now a mod and all. Doh!