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  1. When living the Maxis dream, and making those Jungle homes filled with all the designated jungle furnishing. Because it looks au naturel, as it should be, as nature intended for the jungle. Because all this shit came with the pack, and I just want to build an ethnically correct home??? And I don't want them to all end up with the fucking best, plush, arse-cosy seating from fucking Fame pack FFS. FFS!!! So then the sims of that jungle, ethnically-challenged? home soon bitch about the low quality Jungle pack seating. And you're like FUCK YOU MAXIS!! ARE YOU A BUNCH OF IDIOT ?UNTS OR WHAT?!!! ALL THE FUCKING TIME WITH THIS SHIT??? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU MAKING THIS GAME FOR, FFS?!!!

    Yeah, I know, I've been there. That's exactly why I did the rework mod on the beds. I know.

    Though folks have asked if I could do same for seating.

    Geez, I want to. Lord-geez I want to. But they go on forever. LGR ain't joking when he giggles/mocks at the new inclusion of seating for every pack, in all its one-seater, two-seater, three-seater forms. And then are the home, outdoor, ottomans, bar stools. Akkk! FFS! No modder in their right mind will take on that! Unless it would be their only project! Pack to pack, patch to patch, fuck no, unless that's all you did. And then me, I want to do same for ovens, fridges, sinks, fucking trash cans. Make them all level just for builders to enjoy them outside of Maxis' balmy, biased (Racially demeaning?) notions of Not-Plush-American object jungle trash punishment. ?unts, for sure. Am I wrong?

    Stop it Maxis. Stop It. Sometimes a little jungle peasant might just actually make the best chairs. Not that you'd ever fucking endorse it. And I'm sick of it.

    So, rather than work on the wealth of ever-growing seats, in the same way as the beds mod. (No Can Do!)

    I said to myself, just what is the bane of cheap seating? The fucking uncomfortable buff sims get for sitting on inferior ethnic products. Fucking uncivilized jungle ?unts who don't know how to make furniture like those Maxis' American geniuses in Fame World!!! Am I wrong, Maxis???!!! You are my teachers. This is all I see???

    Anyway, the stupid, shitty  buff is gone. Sit on anything and no uncomfortable buff will be had, making it all equal in terms of not being shit. Because it's all beautiful furniture that you took a long time to design the house with. You loved the pack. You loved the furniture. You loved building the home. Why the fuck suffer for it afterwards? Because Maxis are robotically flippant, racially-questionable asshats???!!!

    So a makeshift fix until Maxis stop being culturally snobbish, fanatically archaic,  and unshakably racist about fucking furniture. Rebrand that, motherfuckers. Or am I wrong???

    Yeah, well. If I am wrong, shut me up and send me back to the cheap seats. Chairs made in unskilled foreign lands. With this buff I'll enjoy them all, outside of your racist, undermining scrutiny. Where the fuck did you lot grow up? (I already know the answer to that. Not in a jungle with local jungle artisans, obviously.)


    cool1_sim_NoUncomfortableBuffForLowEndChairs.rar  - New for July 2019


    For patch version compatibility status, please see most recent Patch News thread for the TS4 General Mods section.


    XML Resources Used:

    Use S4S to open multiple mod package files and quickly compare possible conflicting files in a jiffy. Child's play.  Earn your mods. Work for them. You own them all.

    Any other mods using these files will conflict.


    Thanks and Credit: Simsasylum, Sims4Studio, our sims community, EA Maxis

  2. Me, I'm a sci-fi freak through and through. So most stuff that came with the StrangerVille pack gets my "Rocks-Off Seal of Approval."

    Except when it doesn't. Those buyable funky lab doors don't frikken-well "seal" anything! The sliding double-doors. The default buyable ones, not the same cloned versions used in the Maxis Secret Labs story. The ones you can buy and have in your homes, frikken useless. No frikken locking options at all. Any Sim, Dick and Harry can waltz straight through them, no restrictions. My secret home labs with these funky new doors? No secret any more to anyone FFS! Well, we'll just have to see about that.

    Now you can lock those doors, just like any other doors, and keep those secret home labs a secret for that one, special sim. Everyone else can bugger off. Isn't that what sci-fi is all about? Keep out! Never known a sci-fi that is not all about the keep out. How the protagonists deal with the KEEP OUT, makes or breaks the story. Now this door is proper sci-fi. :57b447a70b144_3(1): And you know I love me my sci-fi! So KEEP OUT!!!

    StrangerVille GP is a required install for this mod to have any purpose in your game. (Otherwise, KEEP OUT!!! :slapnut:)


    cool1_object_StrangerVilleLabDoorsLockable_.rar  -  new for July 2019


    For patch version compatibility status, please see most recent Patch News thread for the TS4 General Mods section.


    XML Resources Used:

    Use S4S to open multiple mod package files and quickly compare possible conflicting files in a jiffy. Child's play.  Earn your mods. Work for them. You own them all.

    Any other mods using these files will conflict.


    Thanks and Credit: Simsasylum, Sims4Studio, our sims community, EA Maxis. KEEP OUT!!!

  3. The Denizen Pond that came to us via the Get Famous EP, I do like them. Of course I like them. But in default you do have to be available to feed them quite often. Within 24 hours or something. Lest you risk your treasured koi starving to death. And no fucker feeds them while you are away visiting jungles or tropical islands. What, seven of you were here, and you let the fucking fish starve? Are you a bunch of brainless ?unts or what???

    Maxis made us do it! Maxis made us do it!

    More like Maxis didn't make you do anything. Because, you know, Maxis... (You can hardly look after yourselves while I'm away, let alone a pond of fish. But I have a mod for that. I always have a mod for that. But what about a mod for this? Yep, that too, here it is.)

    So now the livestock in your Denizen Ponds will not need to feed in a long time. No more dead things after a 25 hour excursion from home. Now more like a week, or two, maybe. It's long, I didn't count the days, but it's long. And, better still, you can also feed them whenever you like. No more blind blocks to keep you on tender hooks. When was the last time I fed them?!! I dunno! But I still can't feed them?!! I dunno?!!! Will they die as soon as I turn my back?! I dunno!!! Do Maxis want us all to seek psychological help before this iteration of the franchise is done? Just feed the fuckers, like you can do in the real world any time you feel is appropriate, then bugger off to the jungle for two weeks, knowing they'll be good, alive and not frikken dead or starving close to death by the time you come home. Don't need a psychiatrist now to work through our inherent malice and cruel neglects, do we? Fuckers are still alive and thriving! Swimmingly so. :slapnut:Feed 'em some shit then book the next long trip to the jungle! No holds barred. No guilt trips back home. Life is grand.

    Plus it now has one of those fantastically unreal high fake fun attraction pushes, for any sim far and wide, to auto feed the life in the pond should they ever come anywhere near close to thinking about being hungry. (Fish thinking?! Now we've had it!) Don't blame me if all the sims in the world rushing headlong to do this feeding frenzy, fall into ponds and feed the piranhas and sharks with themselves. Grand sacrifice, I appreciate it dearly, (So should my fucking pond fish.) but fuck it. I'm still booking my next trip to the jungles. In your honour. :57b447a70b144_3(1):

    Nah, that doesn't actually happen. But storytelling is such a gas in this franchise, no matter the iteration, you just gotta indulge. And may the cowplants spit out your slimy bones if you call me wrong!!!

    (I've actually done same tweaks to the four rodent cages from My First Pet. I'll be uploading that update soon. Feed 'em and leave 'em. Did I just become my own dad?! Maybe I do need that shrink after all!)

    The Get Famous EP is a required install for this mod to work in your game.


    cool1_object_DenizenPondHungerSlowerDecay&FeedAnytime.rar  -  New for July 2019


    For patch version compatibility status, please see most recent Patch News thread for the TS4 General Mods section.


    XML Resources Used:

    Use S4S to open multiple mod package files and quickly compare possible conflicting files in a jiffy. Child's play.  Earn your mods. Work for them. You own them all.

    Any other mods using these files will conflict.


    Thanks and Credit: Simsasylum, Sims4Studio, our sims community, EA Maxis

  4. Rather that rage quit Bee Boxes altogether, I did even more tweaks on them to make them something I can finally tolerate. Enjoy, even.

    I have the Quicker Bond With Bees mod here already, and this mod works with it just fine. A glorious complementary team together. The Bees Knees, some might say. :slapnut:

    So yes, those pesky Mite Infestations that hamper the hive, have been severely reduced. I actually commend Maxis on their educational avenue, to highlight the present cause that is the true devastation of the honey bee plight for species survival. And it is not due evil human neglect. It's a plague of fucking parasitic mites bringing them to their knees on a global scale. Humans had their Black Death from flea bites once upon a medieval time, now bees have theirs. Actually scientists work round the clock to try and prevent this catastrophe, given its critical importance. Truly, with tears in my eyes, I wish this mod could work the same wonders for them in the real world.

    Alas it's just a game. And here's a mod to prove it.

    Far less mite infestations. Sims will autonomously attend to cure mite infestations given the extremely high fun attraction factor I added to do it, should the hive eventually become infested. And, because I got fed of the Maxis Las Vegas gambling odds of winning, (Shit) I made it so all attempts to Bond will be successful. The bees want to be your friends. They know how much you want to save them from the fucking mites! Of course they want to love you from the get go. Now they do. No more poxy Vegas "house rules" on the failure odds. Everyone's a winner, baby! Life's too short. And don't the bees know that most of all!

    This mod and the other one mentioned above, are a dream partnership.

    Seasons EP is a required install for this mod to have any purpose in your game.


    cool1_object_BeeBox_LessMites&AutoCleanMites_BondAlwaysSucceeds.rar  -  New for July 2019


    For patch version compatibility status, please see most recent Patch News thread for the TS4 General Mods section.


    XML Resources Used:

    Use S4S for best checking of mod file conflicts. It's not rocket science.

    Any other mods using these files will conflict.


    Thanks and Credit: Simsasylum, Sims4Studio, our sims community, EA Maxis

  5. Personal update July 22nd 2019

    Removed a line of code that Maxis gave all Situation Job XMLs that only allows Residential Islanders to attend Sulani Island venues and streets/beaches.

    Sure, the line of code keeps out sims from all other regions. And that's good. Yet Maxis, in their typical neglect to just batch fix every Job XML in the game and be damned, have likewise banned the Grim Reaper from attending a death scenario, and also banned the ghost of a dead sim to come out from their headstone. Because the dead, even if once a Sulani resident while alive, are not seen as residents of anywhere. A Stored Sim, hidden homeless, until summoned to haunt. This rule also applies to Virtual Sim Holograms.

    So I took out the line of code from the Hologram Job XML, and Holograms can now be summoned to your Sulani venues. Also the Grim Reaper will come when hologram is being created as I gave the Grim Reaper my own Job XML for that special event, and likewise took out the blind ban-all code line.

    This does not fix the Grim Reaper for other default death scenarios in Sulani, nor fix the default ghosts to allow them to visit/haunt a Sulani lot. I don't know if Maxis fixed this in the 1.53 patch. I won't be patching for a while. I need fixes, not fucking headache-blue rebrand screens.

    Let me know if Maxis have not fixed the default stuff, and if no other modder has rectified the ghost/Grim situation on Sulani - (Such as LMS, she's usually quick to make fixes for this type of shit.) - then I'll do same code line edit for all the default death job stuff. 

  6. Try it and see. I don't see why it wouldn't, unless Maxis went to the trouble to make a unique, standalone hand washing interaction for vamps - for reasons that would be unfathomable. But if they are doing it as a lazy cop-out, rather than taking a bath/shower, the mod should stop them like it does everyone else. Mermaids special reason? Could be. Plantsims special reason? Maybe. Vamps? WTF? I doubt it.

  7. I wrote in the dig site mod I just released the other day, of my experience in the jungle only weeks ago. Not one issue in over 150 excavated items identified on the table. Because it was the first time I was properly excavating, I had never seen the two step autonomous process of first uncovering the object from the lump of rock, and then going straight on to identifying it. Never an issue. Days and days of it, hundreds and hundreds of it, (With the new dig site mods giving so much stuff) and not one issue.

    In all this time, throughout all these reports, the one and only time I experienced same was directly due to another sim trying to talk with my sim while he was on the table. The annoying sim did the telepathy, I'm going to come to talk to you shit. My table sim received telepathic communication then went into waiting mode, no longer working on table. A multitasking clanger thrown in the works, and so he got stuck. Other sim buggered off to do something else instead. Cheers.

    The potential for this multitasking error is always there for many interactions. Worst case scenario it locks up the whole simulation, every sim in the area. Least case, just the one sim.

    My sim in the jungle, always on his own. Two weeks of it. Many, many objects on table. Not one issue.

    I'm going to call that definitive proof. I feel there is nothing wrong with these mods that I need to work on.



  8. Hi @Kimi

    I think it's time to remove the two links dalemonhead posted. One on first page from 23 June, the second on top of this page from 25th June.

    From what Nea was reporting the other day, it looks like they may not be compatible with my mods after all.

    I expressly said in the mod's description for the Jungle and Forest regions to work as residential without issues, that the rentable cabin data cannot be there on their Regions files or it messes things up. After Nea's report I took a look at the files and both have rentable cabins on the Jungle Regions files, probably the Forest Region too (I didn't check that one.) But either way this will mess up my mods, as Nea has discovered. So it's best they be removed in case anyone else has same issue and thinks my mods are broken.

  9. For example, adults with this mod can have 30 Cas personality traits.

    When in Cas you can only ever give an adult 3.

    When in game, open Reward Store and you can see all the Cas personality traits there. Buy as many as you want up to 30.

    The default Reward Store traits do not take up any trait slots. Only Cas personality traits need more trait slots.

    Depending on the performance specs of your PC/Laptop, it is not advisable to give too many Cas personality traits to lots of sims. It can slow things down. Ergo, just because it allows for 30, does not mean you have to give all sims 30.

    In my game, only a few sims have high amounts. The rest I give about five or six more, so on average they have 8-10 Cas personality traits. So 30 is definitely not for everyone, just a few special sims.

    However, if you prefer that the game keeps making sims for you, rather than making your own, the game will give them all 30, so you may have to start removing traits from these game-generated sims. And before you ask - as others have done in the past - there is nothing I can do to stop the game giving generated sims 30 traits.

    (Not worker NPCs, I have that covered. I ban NPC workers from getting a lot of unwanted Cas traits, and they are only given traits I think are suitable for their jobs. I do not do this for playable sims. Given you might want a sim to be evil, lazy or mean. So I don't touch that generating element for playable sims.)

    My advice, if starting a new world and you want the game to fill empty homes with new, generated families. Don't put this mod in untill it has done all the work filling houses with sims. This mod does not force pre-existing sims to have more traits. Only gives them more empty trait slots for you to buy more in Rewards Store if you want.

  10. I shouldn't think they would conflict. But that's only a guess. I don't use venue or NPC mods made by others, due to the high potential of conflicts with my own mods. So I do not know the exact files used in other mods.

    The best and fastest way to confirm for your own peace of mind, is to have Sims 4 Studio (S4S) installed. Drag a mod onto S4S desktop icon, and when it opens see for yourself, open second mod and compare the list of files used in both.

    You only ever have to worry about any Maxis files being used in both mods, and they will have the same Maxis file name if in both mods. Takes less than a minute to see it for yourself, if ever in doubt.

    Given S4S has some very handy batch fix options to help set CC clothing and objects straight after a patch can break them, it is a very handy application for players to have, not just a modding tool.

  11. :slapnut:I can totally understand why you wouldn't even know it is in the game via Fame pack. Its very creation comes with a big... why? Although I could see this thing being modded to have better, more funky purpose. Like I joked about God Mode when wearing it. Because, as is, it is kinda... why?

    Included pictures to trigger your memory of overlooking it in build mode. :57b447a70b144_3(1):

  12. That special floor tile rug for stars, nice if you earn it.

    But, occasionally, sometimes the game glitches and does not give it. Not always, but every now and then.

    But more than this, what if your fame actor sim goes on, strength to strength, racking up more fame accolade shit than all the lesser De Niros, Pacinos and Streeps put together

    Do you get further rewards for this? Not really. Certainly not any more star tiles to highlight the evolution of the star  Maxis think one is enough. I say, because there is this whole Hollywood China Town, Hall of Fame street area to place many of them, we must let a superstar have more tiles. Many, many more.

    These mods make the tile available to buy in rugs section. It also makes all star tiles available to edit the description text, say what the heck you want on any tile, no more blocks.

    And just for the heck of it, there is a base game rug, very similar to the star tile rug, that I have made the same as star tiles. It has a music icon on it, and if your star is more musically inclined, here is a star tile just for them. Which can also be placed in with the other Hall Of Fame street tiles in the Fame world location. And you can write your own description on it. Hey, more reasons to be famous.

    Have twenty tiles in the Hall of Fame. Great actor. Great musician. Great artist. Great at Woohoo! Great at fucking farting! If that's what you want the tile to to read, you can now edit them all to your heart's content.

    Also the Live Drag feature is added to the tiles, in case you want to quickly position them in and out of an sim's inventory.

    The rework of the base game music tile is a clone, and does not effect the original rug it is cloned from.







    When it comes to writing a name and description on the cloned music symbol rug, you first have to put it in a sim's inventory to see the renaming option, then click it to write what you want.


    Then Live Drag it out of inventory to place it where you want in the world. While in the inventory, it also has the option to ceremoniously place the tile in a Fame Boulevard slot when at that location.


    Get Famous EP is a required install for these mods to work in your game.


    cool1_objectCT(Clone)_SimIdolRug_GetFamousUpgrade.rar  - New for July 2019

    cool1_objectCT_CelebrityTileBuyable&AlwaysCanAddOrChangeNameDetails&LiveDrag.rar  -  New for July 2019


    For patch version compatibility status, please see most recent Patch News thread for the TS4 General Mods section.


    XML Resources Used:


    on request

    Any other mods using these files will conflict.


    Thanks and Credit: Simsasylum, Sims4Studio, our sims community, EA Maxis

  13. Hey, Copper-Tops.

    To tell the truth, I don't even use this thing. (Does anyone, seriously?) But I know that if I were going to stick it on a sim's head for whatever purposes, I 'd want it to be better than default.

    So here is the mod that makes it better than default. Now you might actually be interested in using it.



    It now has the Live Drag function, and we all know how much better that makes an object to drag in and out of a sim's inventory, drag to place it on surfaces while playing in game, all that jazz.  (Why Maxis did not add this feature baffles me. Watch the next patch. They might add it.)

    Battery power does not deplete. There is no battery power! Batteries are so last century. :57b447a70b144_3(1): Matrix, I'm a human, not a damn battery.

    Option to purchase crystals now added. Because you never know, when you're visiting a venue and you want to wear the helmet to be in God Mode, but you don't have a spare God Crystal. That's just fucked up! (Mocking:slapnut:) Now just buy on the fly, whatever crystal you need, gods be damned.

    Also have to note that the purchase crystals option is lifted directly from the Elemental Display Rack mod, so that mod is a required install for the purchase option to work correctly on the helmet. That mod is found here - http://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/topic/12327-elemental-display-rack-purchase-elements-rocks-gems/


    cool1_object_CrystalHelmet_LiveDragAdded&NoBatteryDrain&PurchaseCrystals.rar  -  New for July 2019


    For patch version compatibility status, please see most recent Patch News thread for the TS4 General Mods section.


    XML Resources Used:


    on request

    Any other mods using these files will conflict.


    Thanks and Credit: Simsasylum, Sims4Studio, our sims community, EA Maxis

  14. Archaeology Excavating Tweaks

    Only recently, just weeks before the 1.52 patch, did I finally send my main sim to have a Jungle adventure. Never did it before. But with the new Adventurer's MegaCooler in his inventory, and a whole bunch of camping gear, off to the jungles he (finally) went.

    I loved the scenery. I adored it. So glad he had his portable easel, because he was there for days just painting images of the place. So much so, I almost forgot the main reason he was there. To snag the jungle treasure! To visit ruins, dig them up, excavate the stuff, examine the stuff, identify the stuff, classify the stuff. Put his name on the stuff. And I'm going to say this here and now, he did this for days at a time, easily hundreds of jungle treasures and relics building up in his inventory, and never, NEVER, any issue with any of it while using my archaeology table mods. Not once! NOT FUCKING ONCE in over 150 excavated stuffs while spending two sim weeks alone in the jungle. All bloody beautiful, I'm telling you.

    But what did start to get on my nerves, were the excavating times. And having to set up a raw dig site to be a proper dig site. After the faster table, and the faster painting, the digging slowdown was a total drag. So I reworked it.

    All the dig sites are now available to buy in build mode, found in the Activities / Outdoor section.

    When placed, a dig site will be instantly setup as a proper dig site, no more need for the sim to waste time doing this prep silliness.

    Excavating times are now much, much faster. Treasures are slightly better, more chance to get more items per dig. Especially for skill level ten archaeologists. Boy, do they find a lot of good shit at that level. 

    The special Temple Ruins dig site gives a shit ton of special, high end, rare goodies when digging.

    Even though all five dig sites have the same name in build mode, you'll know the Temple dig site by the pricing scale. They are all one simoleon more expensive than the last, and the special Temple dig site is the most expensive of the five.

    I made these mods while half way through my main sim's jungle adventure, to bring it on par with the other faster activities. All absolutely brilliant, made that part of the treasure hunting much more worthwhile. And no wonder he finally came home with so much jungle stuff! I'm surprised the plane ride home could even take off at the runway!!! :57b447a70b144_3(1):

    Anything to declare, sir?

    Yeah, the jungle.

    What... jungle?

    All of it!

    I'll definitely be doing that again soon, really liked it. Cheers, Maxis. You did good there. Scenery to die for. So why the fuck did you skimp out on diving??? We all wanted to live that underwater adventure. That's why we play this game! And you gave us a fucking rabbit hole. WTF?!!! Ah, well.

    Jungle Adventure GP is a required install for this mod to have any purpose in your game.


    cool1_objectUnlocked_JungleExcavationDigSitesX5.rar  -  New for July 2019

    cool1_sim_AllSitesPreset&ExcavateMuchQuicker&Level10FindMuchMoreTreasure.rar  -  New for july 2019


    For patch version compatibility status, please see most recent Patch News thread for the TS4 General Mods section.


    XML Resources Used:


    on request

    Any other mods using these files will conflict.


    Thanks and Credit: Simsasylum, Sims4Studio, our sims community, EA Maxis (You did good with the Jungle. "Adventure" really is a fitting description. I love it when you do good.)

  15. Been working on that. It's actually not possible to send All-In-Ones to work the street stalls there due to the Native trait requirements. More on that in the upcoming WSC mod set for the Islands. But know that I have actually shut the stalls down, as once again Maxis have made a bollox of them. Sims continually ordering food from the Fish Poke stall, but never collecting it to eat. Just ordering over and over. I was not in the least bit surprised when I saw that happening. Typical. Just like the endless drinking shit since Seasons stalls. So I shut it down. Have actually turned street stalls into self-service Cornucopia dispensers for hungry/thirsty street sims to grab stuff. No staff required. No Maxis bollocks required. More on that soon.

    Also have made a unique Island Bar venue, like I did for the Jungle Bar venue. Also currently doing big rework of Beach venue. Gonna make that place busy and fun for the locals, for sure.

  16. Hold on! That big, long thirty-odd digit number (18087724306018078828) is not a maxis number, it is a mod number. Why does it have a maxis  "venue_rentable_cabin" name beside it? This is WRONG. So, so, wrong.

    This is not a mod number of mine.

    If you are showing me examples of a mod that is not mine, can you please just scrap the source and not ask me any more about it. Please, FFS!

    Start again using only my mods, please, and then we have something to work with. I want to help you, truly I do, but I can't with stuff that is not even mine.

    And Nea, can you please remind me which thread you got the other mod from. I would like to ask @Kimi to remove the download links - if this is what data they hold. They are not proving helpful and I think their time is up. But I'll be fucked if I remember what post they are in.

    Maybe someone else edited the rental cabin (LMS?) to give it that long mod number. But then why use the maxis XML name? Something I would never do. Something I'm pretty sure LMS doesn't do. We pride in our XML building. We give them our own names, not Maxis ones. I don't know. Not my mods, not my headache.

    Clean up the shit, Nea, and we can get back to business. I'm always here to help you with my stuff. Always.  

  17. World Sim Control 16 - Island Living Part 1


    Okay, this is only Part 1 of the WSC Island Living mods that govern Sulani. And the mod here doesn't strictly govern any Sulani or islander behaviour. It's pretty much just a new type of living skin for an alternative mermaid, sea-creature look. You can give it to any sim anywhere, I just think it's best suited (Ha, ha, "suited.") to Sulani mermaids. But it's totally up to you who you give the new living skin to. The mods for a new venue type and mods that change island behaviour and sim traits are all in Part 2.

    I had such fun creating this villain family, reworking some stuff in Cas to get what I want, I thought I'd share a little Cas clothing mod, (for first time) if you might like to do same to some of your mermaids as you see in the coming pictures. 

    Think Lagoon Swamp  Monster Outfit of Get Famous pack. (Not available in default Cas as outfit.) Think a clan of evil, spawned, volcano-cave-dwelling slime creatures who are the terror of the beautiful Tropical Islands. Think unique sim look and unique mermaid look, totally frikken badass lagoon creepy monster vibe. Creatures who dwell in the subterranean depths under that volcano, the glow of boiling lava their only known light source, the fierce hatred of their sea-dwelling mermaid ancestors who once banished them from the freedom of the oceans! Fuck me, there's a movie there! Twisted, corrupt mermaids, who come out at night, briefly escaping the heat and weight of the mighty volcano, only to do bad things to the innocent island folk - that wretched, dry land place where they were long ago banished. and how despicable they have grown while forced to live there rejected from the oceans.

    Like it? Then here they are for you to enjoy. (Sim storytellers may enjoy this. I know I do.)

    The family -

    Mamma. Actually, she's not part of the mod. Just a reference for the story of her four daughters and the ancient mermaid curse they fight against - Evil as the family are. Mamma's clothing choices a bit too risqué for this section of the site, hence the censor blocks. A bustier that doesn't actually do much in covering the bust. And a tightness in the leggings that brings a whole new meaning to the camel toe term, if you could ever take your mesmerized eyes off the plump, sundered mound, to ponder the new meaning your mind may be scratching at! Though those rows of razor sharp teeth in her mouth usually prevent folks commenting on the "divide" one way or the other. And rightly so. She's a friend to no-one. She barely tolerates her own daughters. Of which this writing is supposed to be about, so let's move on. 


    Lagoon Creature Uniform as a Tattoo

    Lower Back Tattoo.  Mermaid daughter censored just for this bit, to highlight you can get the sim fully undressed of all outfits if you desire, because where we're going next, we don't need clothes.


    The body suit. Lower Back Tattoo. One of the eight lagoon creature outfits. If a female sim, the mods you have for breasts and nipples varies from the pictures here. Ergo, breast/nipple mods give you more scope to play with the positioning of the mammary glands. What??? Translate!!! Where you gonna put the tits to make 'em look cool in this suit! Or make them so small and flat-chested they don't poke through the suit.


    The Lagoon Creature's head. Upper Back Tattoo. Pick one of the eight matching heads to complement the chosen suit. A new, permanent skin, in fact! I do appreciate the fact Maxis worked on giving the mouth of these headpieces animation movement while sim is talking. You'd think they, too, had it in mind to be a permanent skin for doing such animations. Good job, Maxis, nice touch.


    A Tattoo for all seasons. And for all outfits! Instantly covers them all in one go! A Volcano Lagoon Mermaid Creature is born! It was the tweaking I did with Kijiko's excellent eyelash mods that inspired me. Kijiko does do a set of eyelashes for the Skin Detail section. Trouble is, they conflict with all the rings for all fingers and, worst of all in my opinion, all the fingernail cc stuff. I do like fingernails on my female sims. So I tweaked the eyelashes to be tattoos, and bingo. Just give them to a sim once as a tattoo, and the sim will wear them in all conceivable categories thereafter. So I did the same to these Lagoon Creature outfits. Hence making them a permanent living skin in all conceivable categories, even when in mermaid guise.   


    All the daughters, the Volcano Lagoon Mermaid Creature clan -


    And that was only half of the Lagoon Creature uniforms used.

    So what's it like in the real world?

    Family of bipeds on the beach. Mammals? Reptiles? Fish? Mix of all? Not quite sure...


    Family of Volcano Lagoon Mermaid Creatures in the sea. Still not sure of their exact species definition. But, boy, are they frikken unique! Probably evil, too. Yeah, I'd go with evil. Their mamma on the beach don't look too happy. Defs Evil, for sure. Totally. That's one unsympathetic mamma you don't go crying to after a hard day.


    But am I really a Volcano Lagoon Mermaid Creature banished from the ocean to live on Sulani soil?


    Yeah, look, this is me naked. This is me all the time naked. I am cursed!! Me and my sisters - and maybe my mean-ass ma - are going to fight those do-gooder, perfect frikken mermaids and this accursed island one trash dump at a time! Why did they punish me?! Just for being born?!!! I will fight them all!!!

    There it is. New costumes as Tattoos to take over all and every possible outfit for a deeper sense of reality. Happy Volcano Lagoon Mermaid Creature-ing - if such a thing is possible. It's all out mermaid Vs volcano lagoon creature war!!!

    Note 1

    I haven't even bothered to test if this mod fucks up costumes in the acting career when lagoon creatures are part of the studio filming. No idea if it does, I don't really play that career any more. By all means, please report here if crazy shit does happen with these costumes at the film studios.

    Note 2

    It has been reported, that if using this mod while also using Wicked Whims, then the realistic male wedding tackle will poke through the groin area and be horrible colours. I do use Wicked Whims, but was too busy setting this up and testing for mermaids, I did not even think to see what it is like on mermen. If I can remember to test it, I will try seeing what it does to males and their dangling meat and two veg, but I have to say, there's not much I could actually do about it if it is on the atrocious-looking side of things. Aren't there settings and options in WW to switch off atomically correct body parts in certain clothing/naked for a selected sim? I dunno. Like I say, if it is horrid, it's not my normal area of modding so I would not know where to begin trying to mend it. Or maybe give the male some matching underwear, a skimpy thong or some such, that will not look as bad. I mean Superman and Batman wear their underwear on top, traditionally, before the latest movies changed the look. :slapnut: 

    Note 3

    As the creature's head is an upper back tattoo, on occasion the game can change the thumbnail picture in Cas to show a sim's back instead of the whole head. If it does this, then the head is only slightly visible at the top of the picture. So the heads are not gone, just harder to spot. The sudden increase of thumbnail pictures showing blank back tattoos should at least be the indication of the swap. Once selected, the thumbnail reverts to full head picture again. But can be randomly switched again by game whenever. It's just the way of it.    


    Get Famous EP is a required install for this mod to have any effect in your game.


    cool1_outfit_LagoonCreatureSetAsTattoosForMermaids.rar  -  New for July 2019


    For patch version compatibility status, please see most recent Patch News thread for the TS4 General Mods section.


    XML Resources Used:


    On request

    Any other mods using these files will conflict.


    Thanks and Credit: Simsasylum, Sims4Studio, our sims community, EA Maxis. Merfolk wars! (Can Aquaman be on our side please???)

  18. ^^^Right!!!

    Sing along -

    "Sleeping on the job,

    Sleeping on the job,

    Maxis, FFsis!!!

    Sleeping on the job."

    Awww, Muxis. You done muxed it up again. Queue Comic Trumpet Sound Effect - Wun, wun, wun, waaaa. (Clown slips on a banana skin. To close.)

    Must we go through this every time???

    Maxis, maybe, should branch out and do a Clown Life Simulator. Then you'd never be able to tell the fucking difference. Success written all over it. (For Maxis anyway.)

    Are you still taking notes Paradox? Hurry it up for fuck's sake. An untapped diamond mine if you do it right. You've certainly learned how not to do it wrong. Skylines came right after SimCity 20shiteen. Of course you know what you're doing, who am I talking to, all that taking notes stuff. So how about you finally commit??? Bury another Maxis studio relic that should be off with the dinosaurs by now.

    (Be careful what you wish for? I say be wishful for what you care for...) 


  19. If they have not fixed the problem with the basements, split-level double basements being filled with soil flooring so they are no longer split-level, and the stupid bug with sims always starting dressed in a bizarre mess of Situation Outfits when a lot loads, then I don't think I'm going to bother patching for some time yet. They need to put shit like that in the patch notes if they've worked on it. Because the stuff they have mentioned, as is, holds no interest for me at all to patch. I need more time to play the fucking game, not another round of bastard checking FFS!

  20. Sounds like the culprit as the Rental venues have to be removed from the forest and jungle Regions files. If you take a look at the ones I've modded using S4S, you'll see the Rental venues are removed because that is exactly what causes the Residential venues to go wrong in a number of ways.

    How the same mod was working for you before the patch, I cannot imagine. I just know when first making these mods, leaving the rental entries on the Regions files caused problems until I removed them to make it strictly residential only. Hence I stress in the main post you cannot have both rental & residential in these regions, it is problematic - as you are currently discovering.

  21. Seeing as the Antiseptic Trait is not a Cas Personality Trait, (It is a Reward Store Trait) then it is not reliant on the availability of capped slot numbers to be given to a sim. So yes, they will be issued that trait even if sticking to Maxis default trait slots. The majority of the best traits to help them be better at their jobs are Reward Store Traits, so they will still be issued during the setup process no matter what.

    When it comes to viewing the traits of any sim in the world, whether playing the family or clicking on an NPC worker, two mods of mine will help you achieve this. The Hidden Traits Revealed mod, and Unlocked debug Cheats mod. Just search my Trait mod threads to find them both.

    To view skills, I use itasan2's mod here - http://www.modthesims.info/d/576053/show-search-sim-info-mod.html

    I don't know of any other method to view a list of non-played sim's skills.

    I'm pretty sure that mod will also let you view the list of traits for the non-played sim you click on. As the methods and mods I describe above are most helpful if you want to start changing traits of a sim. But if you just want to view them, itasan2 has provided the best, quickest method.