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  1. That feeling when you really really want to get Sims 4 just because you've been reading up on how awesome the TS4 vampires are, but at the same time you're broke and still ridiculously hooked on Sims 3! Send help!

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    2. arathea


      Did you play the trial yet? You can play the basegame 48 hours for free and while there are no vampires, you can see if you like the game itself.

    3. SassmasterMaxie


      I haven't yet! Might have to do that at some point. Although I may end up getting it anyway because I'm a Sims fiend, lol. (When I have money of course!)

    4. RedMallie


      Just be aware that there are many features that may annoy you at the beginning with this game, hehehee!