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  1. Just a friendly heads up, this mod doesn't work anymore, Coolspear, along with the elemental display rack mod.  Guess they both have similar cheaty lines, that got borked!  :slaplol:     Worth looking into, but not worth fixing yet, at least not until you get your hands on Realm of Magic, in 4 days,  to tinker under the hood, and work your magic!  Hmmm, :hmm: speaking of magic, I wonder if gems will be used for making spells and potions and whatnot in Realm of Magic?  I mean, some of the alchemy recipes in the Sims 3 did use them, maybe it will be the same for the Realm of Magic.  That might be why it's borked.  I'll bet that's it, guess we'll see!  

  2. Yeah, the batties are shortlived but you can get a ton of aspiration points for using the Jet crystal in it, as it doubles the wants.  But I have to buy debug cheat for them.  Or recently cheat buy from Coolspear's elemental display rack.  Not that I mind of course!:slaplol:  I usually can cheat my way through the Curator collection Aspiration in one day or less, and then use the reward I get from it, to make my Sim famous by selling off crummy crystals or half-dead ones with a diamond in the Clestatle Crown, to double the fame gain to make him a superstar!:multi-stars-smiley:.  It is very useful if you know how to use it.  This mod will make it extra useful to me, thanks Coolspear!  

  3. Hi Coolspear!  This still works, however, the 4 new plants, coconut, pineapple, kava root, and taro root, will say only in session for spring and summer.  I also can't change that even clicking on as I added them to one of my current saves and the mod wouldn't even give me the options, maybe beyond setting the growth stage.  How I do it is to click on one of the death flowers and say in season and all the plants are in season from spring to fall, and the troopers that are year round.  Those 4 new plants stayed the same.  I started a new save, to see if it was that save or not, and yeah, did my whole Spring Garden Day holiday, I always do, to plant everything, and use the show hidden objects cheat, so I get everything, and, the same problem.  They only show they are in season in spring and summer.  You might need to look at it and see if it is just a text thing where it says it's only in season in spring and summer but will still be in season in the fall, or if they do go out of season then.  I haven't played it to that season yet to find that out.  

  4. Thank you so much!  Now my foodie Sims can eat this along with the excellent quality meals for the fame quirk.  Now that might explain the bad smell for a saved game I have, try as I might to get the neat Sim to clean up the dirty area, he couldn't do it.  So it looks like the popcorn maker was the culprit all along!  Thank you again for this mod, you are such a wonderful modder!