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  1. Anyone got any idea when the next sale will be?  I don't want to buy this new pack until it is on sale, it's so not worth the $26!  

    1. brigitte


      I tried to outwait it, too. Unfortunately it wasn't on sale in any of the stores I usually get lower prices and I waited and compared prices all the time. For some reason THIS pack was nowhere to be seen in our country. Origin will certainly reduce the price around the time when the new packs go on sale.

      I finally caved in and bought Strangerville for the regular price, and it's not really worth it, but we get the new lots and some cool deco stuff.  If you're patient, better wait. I couldn't (patience isn't my strength, even though I've waited the longest time before buying this one). This also has to do with houses I like to download, and most of them have the new objects now. The story itself is not worth mentioning, but the new hood and apocalyptic stuff are nice to have.

      I think I bought it two weeks ago. Played once. And that was it. - Mods are all updated now, which is also important for me in regard to patches etc.

    2. ClearaMorph


      I caved a week or two ago as well and got it, haven't played the story yet.  Went to bed way too early, and got up early, so. off to play!

    3. brigitte


      LOL, it was the same time we gave in. :celebrate:

      Have fun playing!