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    Sims...Sims...Oh Ya did I say the Sims? (this includes Sims City series and sims medieval)

    RPG Computer Games, Dragon Age 1-3 Witcher 1-3 All Dungeon & Dragon Games(NWN, Baulders, Sword Coast Legends ect), Might & Magic, Assassins Creed, Two Worlds 1&2, Wasteland 1&2, Pillars of Eternity, just to name a few.

    Table Top D&D (Dungeon & Dragons) Been playing and collecting since it came out. Have my own created world and rule set based off D&D 1st-3.5, Pathfinder and some d20 stuff.
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  1. Looks like another 3 weeks on survivor island here in AR due to flooding!  We can not get out and the river is supposed to crest at 29 ft a ft more than 2011 when we were stranded out here for 3 weeks! I swear if I ever win a lottery I am moving away from snake bug infested river flooding AR!


    1. nixicole


      I would, too! Be careful, and I hope everything turns out alright!

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