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  1. Hubby In the hospital since friday, had surgery on sat, exhausted from driving back and forth to see him since its 40 min away.  Gonna be a long week or so.....

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    2. Kimi


      I hope he's feeling better today. It's been a long week, I'm sure. Remember to take care of yourself!

    3. Zaleth


      Thanks Kimi !  Hes out of ICU but his cat scan says he has appendicitis (which would count for the high white count) yet he has no stomach pain, fever or other symptoms.  They are treating him with new antibotics for that and his white count has come down 2 points.   I  they will send him home with a wound vac for his cyst area (since he is on one now) until its healed when the white count is normal.  I am hoping for wensday but who knows!

    4. Shonie


      They thought it was my heart when my appendix burst, heart surgeon took them out. :D  Hope he is home soon and antibiotics work!! Take care of yourself as well.