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  1. Turns around, drops pants, and moons the asylum.

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    2. tessalion13


      Yay a cute moon! Much better than my 60 yr old uncle who moons the family when he's pisssed. *blech*

    3. Cohzaku


      tempted to poke it, but Isz stole my thunder

    4. Firestaar1


      **Grabs the leather and gives the heiny a gentle smack**

  2. Going to eat. Be back soooooooon!

  3. Welcome to TFM's Naughty Sims Asylum! Come on in and stay a while!

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    2. Twoftmama


      There's a fridge and pillows in every section. :D

    3. Nellas


      snuggles in blankets and stocks fridge with booze, pudding cups and assorted glass .objects XD

    4. caspin


      Inspects cupboards for cognac, concludes there is a deficit, places emergency online order

  4. Time for a lunch break. Be back soooooon!

  5. *Please follow these guidelines when posting images. All pictures must be no larger than 250k and the dimensions no larger than 1024x768. The Dimensions restriction is also in effect for pictures hosted from another site such as ImageShack. Custom content uploads are set to a 5 meg limit per post for members. This does not apply to Asylum Staff or forum owners. Hotlinking, direct linking to someone's website files, is strictly prohibited. Click here to see why. Images of a sexual nature must be posted in the Adult Section. (The Naughty Ward) Here is a link to a good program to use for pictures, Irfanview. I may add to or edit these as needed. *Please follow these guidelines when posting Custom Content (CC). We do not accept mod submissions. If you have your CC posted at another site, please post a link to the thread or page where the file is located and not the actual file. It is a waste of site resources (mine as well as theirs) to post the same file at multiple places. Thanks! Twoftmama
  6. Registration ALL NEW REGISTRATIONS REQUIRE a valid email address. After registering, you will receive an email containing a link to validate your account. Any account that has not been validated in 48 hours will be purged automatically. If you are a Verizon.net customer, you will not receive your validation email. Either register with a different email address, or email me at tfm@simsasylum.com with the subject VERIZON and include the user name you registered with. IF YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL A PRODUCT OR SERVICE, DON'T BOTHER AS YOU WILL NOT BE APPROVED FOR POSTING. ADVERTISING OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES IS NOT PERMITTED. By registering on the board you are agreeing that you are over the age of 16. This is a relaxed forum and not heavily moderated. There may be adult language and content within reason. I'd like to keep this forum enjoyable and welcoming. Here are the rules for TFM's Sims Asylum: * Registration is required to view & download content from the site. * Discussion of illegally obtained software and goods is not permitted. * No spamming, flaming, personal attacks or racism. This will not be tolerated and you will be warned once. Second offense results in an automatic, immediate, and permanent ban. * No thread bumping. * Do not randomly PM people asking for help, that is what the forum is for. Use the forum to ask for assistance. * Please do not discuss the drama from other forums here. If you have an issue with another forum or it's members you should post said issue at that site. * Use punctuation. Trying to decipher what you are saying by reading a continuation of words with no punctuation is difficult and annoying. Using . instead of periods will annoy Twoftmama and cause her to bite. Don't annoy Twoftmama. She will flay you with her whip. * Please use formatting in moderation. Posts found to be difficult to read or distracting will be edited and a verbal warning will be given. This includes highlighting text, colored text or writing in all bold or mixing numbers and letters. This also includes excessive use of the emoticons. While perfection is not asked for legibility is. Moderation is key. Continued abuse of over formatting will be dealt with by either my moderators and administrators or myself. * Please adhere to the new upload policy. Click here to review. *Any photo or text of explicit sexual content should be posted in the adult section. * Registration and a PM with your DOB sent to the owner of this site, Twoftmama, is required for viewing the Adult Sections. Please put Adult somewhere in the title of the PM. * Signatures with images or colored text are not allowed. * Avatars - The max file sizes are 105x105 and no larger than 25k. * Avatars - May not contain vulgar text or images. * Usernames containing vulgar words will not be approved. * DO NOT post links to pay sites. * Inactive users users who have not visited in the last 4 months will be pruned. This is just to keep the user database as neat as possible. * I reserve the right to change the rules when I deem it necessary. I have final say in all matters. If you should have an issue with me, my forum or members at this forum please PM me, Twoftmama, and we can go from there. These are subject to change should the need arise. Thank you and enjoy your stay!
  7. To prevent scrapers from attacking site and causing a huge server load on my host I have blocked guests from viewing and downloading. You must register and have your account approved in order to view and download from the site. Registration requires email verification. A valid email address is a must in order to receive the validation email to be approved. If you do not receive your validation, please email me at tfm@simsasylum.com. Accounts will be approved within 24 hours unless I get a backlog. I will get to you as quickly as I can. Usernames found to be vulgar will be deleted. Please do not make an inappropriate member name when registering.
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