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  1. I should've known better. "I can just peek in to TSR for few mins" I said, "Just long enough to see if there's anything new", I said. now 3 hours later I'm finally getting ready to load up my game. X)

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    2. Firestaar1


      Well it all started with hair.then the lovely styles I found HAD to have new eyeshadow; so of course then I needed new mascaras and eyeliners; and couldn't have THOSE without new lipstick. X)

    3. Zaleth


      I goto MTS,TSR and My S4 Blog every night after 2am to check if there is anything new plus a few other creators. So I binge every night ;p

    4. RedMallie


      It's not binging, it's just a necessity. CC is a necessity. ;D

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