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    I like playing games, obviously. I also enjoy crafts and golf.
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  1. I want to build, but I need a style. I'm stuck!

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    2. IrishDuchess


      Oh gosh yes! SoCal is gorgeous and the ocean breeze is heaven! Anytime I travel back to the midwest, or worse, out east, I have to put my hair in a bun since I look like a deranged poodle! My hair has gotten WAY too comfortable with dry, frizz-free weather! Don't know if you watched Friends, but it makes me think of Monica and Chandler's honeymoon with Monica's hair gone terrible wrong. She resorts to just shouting "It's the humidity!" lol

    3. Kimi


      I have and that's exactly what I look like when it gets too humid too! I let my hair go curly in the summer. It's pointless to try to straighten it when the humidity will take care of that in a minute. XD

    4. IrishDuchess
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