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    I like playing games, obviously. I also enjoy crafts and golf.
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  1. I want to build, but I need a style. I'm stuck!

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    2. Kimi


      Dang! I wish we could build with curves. It's so sexy!! I love the water bungalow. I had something like that in mind for the next EP.

    3. IrishDuchess


      Glad it wasn't as bad out here for you then! St.Louis-it's pretty humid there, right? Wow Cloudwalker, that is an amazing island! I hope one or both of y'all decide to build something similar with the upcoming EP! I can't decide if I love the home seemingly built into the land or the homes on stilts in the water. Stunning!

    4. Kimi


      It's humid here, yeah. Mostly in the summer for about a month or so. But not every single day is humid. It took some getting used to since I moved her from SoCal.

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