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  1. I'm so happy to read this! I knew you'd be back, it was just when. And this when is as good as any. Baby steps! Not all of your mods need to be updated, just the ones that you want for now. Then you can see if there is anything else you would like to update. It's like me when I decide I need to sort through 20 years of photos. What do I keep, give away or just chuck. 

    And as always, please let me, TFM or Revengerde know if you need anything. 


  2. @falsezenmost of coolspears mods have not been updated in a long time. You'll have to do the research and see what he's updated and what isn't. There are posts on this main thread that explains everything. 


    And as always, please use these mods at your own risk. An outdated mod could destroy your save. 

  3. @guking, flavors usually are subtle differences in what the mod does. 

    An example is that the basic mod does what it's intended. A "flavor" might be added so that the basic mod does one more thing, or even a few more things. And then so on. So you basically have to read what the mod does and then go from there. What do you want in your game? 

    If you have a more detailed question about a certain mod of Coolspear's, I'm sure he or someone else will be able to help. 


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